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UV Eyelash Extensions LUV System by CFB Cosmetics

UV Eyelash Extension LUV System

Are you afraid of allergies to ingredients or contact allergies when getting eyelash extensions? Do you want to work independently of humidity and room temperature? UV eyelash extension is the perfect solution for you! Learn how this newer service works and why it is equally suitable and safe for allergy sufferers. Also, find out what kind of results you can achieve with your clients. Be surprised by the versatile possibilities. You will achieve stunning results in no time without sacrificing good durability!

1.How does the UV LUV system for eyelash extensions work?

UV eyelash extension is one of the newest methods in the eyelash extension industry. It is a safe and effective technique that provides a better result than conventional methods. The technique is based on UV light that is directed onto the eyelash glue specially developed for this technique to gently and effectively cure the eyelash glue. UV eyelash extension is a fast, painless, and risk-free technique. Eyelash glue fumes, which are the main factor for allergies, are immediately bound, thus preventing irritation or allergic reactions. Experience has shown that more than 90% of sensitive clients can wear eyelash extensions again.

2.What are the benefits of UV eyelash extension with the LUV system from CFB Cosmetics®?

The UV eyelash extension LUV is a revolutionary product that works independently of room temperature and humidity. There is no need to change the eyelash glue according to the seasons. You no longer need an air humidifier or dehumidifier. The UV eyelash glue can be used throughout the year. The durability after opening is 12 months, which is also longer-lasting than conventional eyelash glue. The LUV system from CFB Cosmetics® is gentler on the health of the client as well as the eyelash stylist, as there are hardly any glue fumes in the air. Another advantage of UV eyelash extension LUV is the simplicity of application: You can easily apply the technique and do not need any further training. Furthermore, you shorten the application time, as the UV eyelash glue is immediately cured. Adhesions are prevented, and therefore the tedious removal of possible adhesions and replacement of eyelash extensions. No fans/single eyelashes jump out when brushing. The long-lasting durability of UV eyelash extension with LUV system from CFB Cosmetics® is also impressive. The eyelash extensions last until the natural eyelashes fall out. This means that your clients appear much fuller at the refill appointment, and fewer eyelash extensions need to be added. Time and material savings and happier customers. Your customer does not have to avoid water and water vapor for 24 hours since the UV eyelash glue is fully cured within a fraction of a second. Furthermore, two ingredients are a guarantee for good durability. On the one hand, cyanoacrylate and on the other hand, the photoinitiator.

You need less eyelash glue compared to conventional eyelash glues. The eyelash glue drop does not cure as long as it does not receive UV light or too strong LED light. Finally, UV eyelash extension with the LUV system is also affordable. So you can afford the luxury of the LUV system without burdening your bank account! In short, UV eyelash extension LUV offers you many advantages - easy application, long-lasting eyelash extensions, and affordable costs make it a great investment. Your profit margin will increase. So why not start today?

3.What are the disadvantages of the UV LUV system for eyelash extensions?

The LUV UV eyelash adhesive is transparent, which means that the adhesive areas will look much nicer. However, you need to get used to the new UV eyelash adhesive, which can be quickly mastered with little practice. UV eyelash adhesives cannot be made with black pigment because the darkness would prevent the UV light from curing the UV eyelash adhesive. The recommended working method is to work on one eye at a time, rather than alternating. Moving the UV lamp back and forth is possible but time-consuming.

4.How long does the eyelash extension last using the UV LUV system?

The UV eyelash extension is a revolutionary technique in professional eyelash extension. The LUV system from CFB Cosmetics® for UV eyelash extension is a safe and gentle way of applying eyelashes. With the LUV system from CFB Cosmetics®, you not only get a natural-looking result but also longer-lasting results. Overall, the UV eyelash extension with the LUV system is an excellent way to offer a gentler method of eyelash extension to yourself and your customers. So, take advantage of the opportunity and enjoy the luxury of independence from room temperature and humidity.

5.Can a UV eyelash extension cause damage?

But can this extension impair the light processing and adaptation ability of the eye? Experts say that there is no evidence that a UV eyelash extension causes damage. However, if there are known allergies to any of the ingredients in the UV eyelash adhesive, a patch test should always be performed beforehand. This means applying a few eyelash extensions to each eye beforehand and checking for a reaction. The test can be increased by applying more eyelash extensions and gradually easing into it. If the otherwise sensitive customer does not react, congratulations. During the entire application time, the customer should keep their eyes closed 100%, as with the conventional method of eyelash extension.

6.In summary, is the UV eyelash extension using the LUV system right for me?

The answer is a resounding yes! The LUV system offers a quick, safe, and effective method for eyelash extension. It is a gentle and easy method to have permanently long, full, and voluminous eyelashes. Thanks to the innovative technology of the LUV system, you can create a beautiful eye-catching look for your customer. The results last longer on average than with conventional eyelash adhesives. With the UV eyelash extension, the eyelash adhesive fumes are eliminated immediately, significantly reducing irritation. In summary, the UV eyelash extension using the LUV system is a safe option for everyone. It is an unbeatable product because it allows you to work independently of humidity and room temperature. Additionally, it is easy to apply and does not require any further training. If you are looking for a gentle and uncomplicated alternative, then the UV eyelash extension using the LUV system is definitely for you!

7.Is the LUV system suitable for allergics?

The LUV system is suitable for allergy sufferers. Most allergies in eyelash extension are caused by eyelash adhesive fumes. With conventional eyelash adhesives, the fumes are still present up to 24 hours after eyelash extension. Since the regular eyelash adhesive takes up to 24 hours to cure completely, the LUV UV eyelash adhesive cures completely as soon as it comes into contact with UV light. Therefore, there are hardly any adhesive fumes. Therefore, we currently have a success rate of more than 80%. We always recommend a patch test before applying a complete new set. You do not need to buy the whole system to perform a patch test. Each LUV System UV eyelash adhesive comes with a mini UV lamp, which allows you to perform a test in advance. If everything went well, you should get the Ayda® UV lamp to serve your customers with the new UV eyelash extension. If you have been looking for a gentle, fast, and independent method with excellent durability, the LUV System by CFB Cosmetics® is exactly right for you.

Final words and essential: The LUV System is not a guarantee for allergy sufferers. If allergies are already known, caution is always advised. We always recommend a patch test in advance. In case of doubt, the customer should always consult a doctor. The ingredients of the UV eyelash adhesive are listed in the product description.

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