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UV eyelash extensions and no allergies?

!!Please read!! Make your life easier!

Today we would like to give you some information about LUV eyelash glue and explain why sensitive clients (although not all unfortunately) can wear eyelash extensions again.

First of all, we all now know that the main component Cyanoacrylate or the black pigment is the main trigger for allergies.

➡️ Pigments: An allergy to pigments can be easily avoided by using transparent eyelash glue.

➡️ Cyanoacrylate: It is important to know that it is not the Cyanoacrylate itself that is the "evil", but the fumes that are created during application and which we usually still have around the eyes for about 24 hours until they are completely cured. If it is just a sensitivity, our Splash Bond 3in1 can help. This immediately hardens the glue and ensures that there are hardly any fumes left.

In the case of a Cyanoacrylate allergy, it becomes a bit more complicated. In this case, allergic eyelash glues can be used. What is an allergic eyelash glue, what makes it one? Allergic eyelash glue contains less Cyanoacrylate, thus fewer fumes and reduced allergy risk. The disadvantage here, however, is the poor durability.

➡️ Now we come to our LUV eyelash glue:

This does not contain any pigments, it is transparent. This must be the case so that the UV light can penetrate and cure the glue. A black pigment would prevent this.

Like conventional eyelash glue, it also contains Cyanoacrylate plus another ingredient that provides the adhesive strength, namely a photoinitiator. This is the ingredient that reacts to the UV light and cures.

In summary, the proportion of Cyanoacrylate is very low here, similar to that of allergic glues, but supplemented with the photoinitiator.

As soon as we start the UV light, we completely cure the LUV glue. The proportion of Cyanoacrylate fumes is reduced and is also immediately eliminated by the UV light.

The LUV eyelash glue is thus healthier for the client and the stylist, who are not in constant contact with the fumes.

ℹ️ What this system has additionally made to your favorite eyelash glue, we would like to list briefly:

  • Extremely good durability, as we have two components for the adhesive strength here.

  • The long shelf life of the LUV eyelash glue. After opening, 12 months, if stored properly.

  • The eyelash glue is cured with UV light.

  • The LUV eyelash glue works independently of room temperature and humidity.

  • No change of eyelash glue type after seasons.

  • Very suitable for sensitive clients.

  • The client can have immediate contact with water or steam.

  • The glue points are hardly noticeable.

  • There is no heat development with our LUV UV light in the LUV standard.

  • Beginners as well as experienced stylists can use this without any further training.

  • Fans no longer collapse.

  • Faster work.

  • The LUV eyelash glue is more efficient.

ℹ️ Processing of the LUV eyelash glue:

  • Take 1 drop. Please do not squeeze it out, it will come out by itself. If too much is pressed, the tube will work and can overflow.

  • Use an adhesive tray with a recess (glue dispenser), our disposable paper glue bases or medical tape. The glue retains its hill shape.

  • Change the glue drop as soon as it starts to get thicker or draw threads.

  • Store your LUV eyelash glue cool, dry, and dark.



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