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UV Eyelash Extensions - Step by Step Application

Do I need to attend another training if I want to offer UV eyelash extensions with the LUV system?

If you are already a professional eyelash stylist, you do not need any further training for UV eyelash extensions.

The only thing that will change is your lash glue and the way the lash glue is cured. You will find relatively quickly that it is even easier than using regular eyelash glue and you will never want to work with any other system again. This is proven by the experience of thousands of satisfied customers.

Instructions UV eyelash extension

1. clean the eyelashes as usual thoroughly with the eyelash shampoo. You can still use a cleanser or primer. However, this is no longer necessary.


2. now apply the eye pads to cover the lower lashes. You can use our UV Protect eye pads for this.


3. now adjust your LUV light so that one whole eye is completely illuminated. This way you don't need to move the UV lamp back and forth during the application. The distance between the eye and the LUV Light is about 10-20 cm depending on the ambient light.


4. next, separate a natural eyelash.

5. now you can dip the extension or the fan into the UV eyelash glue. You need the same amount as regular eyelash glue for eyelash extension. Please make sure that your eyelash glue drop does not get UV light or excessive daylight.

6. now place the extension or your fan on the natural lash.

7.Next, start the UV light with the foot pedal. As soon as the curing starts, you can release the extension or the fan. Allow the light to act on the bonding area for about 1-3 seconds. Check again whether the eyelash glue is cured and how much curing time you need. Since the curing time also depends on the ambient light.

8. ready! You no longer need a bonder. Just check for jamming as usual. And if you have done everything correctly, you should have no more sticking. But you can practice this very quickly with the UV eyelash glue.
The extensions should now hold until the natural lash falls out. If this is not the case, then you need to see if you have actually followed all the basics, as with regular eyelash extensions. This includes, among other things: Have you achieved a good adhesive base? Did you use enough UV eyelash glue?


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