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The difference between our Ayda® LUV Basic and Ayda® LUV PRO

You would like to switch to our LUV system, but you don't know which Ayda® LUV lamp?

The difference between the two lamps can be thought of as shooting in automatic or manual mode.
The white Ayda® LUV Basic Light would be the automatic version. Here you do not have to make any settings. When curing the glue, no heat develops and the glue cures optimally to achieve the best durability.
The black Ayda® LUV Pro Light can be adjusted manually. You can dim the light, thereby adjusting the strength or changing the light radius. With a higher setting you can cure the glue faster. You just have to make sure that it doesn't develop heat while curing.

The Basic is suitable for beginners, the Pro for advanced users.

If you have never worked with a UV system before, or if you want to help customers with an eyelash glue allergy so that they can wear lashes again, the Ayda® LUV Basic is suitable.
But if you want to switch to the LUV system because you want to work faster, the Ayda® Pro lamp is suitable.

Why well over 80% of allergic customers can wear lashes again, you can read in the following blog post:

UV eyelash extensions and no allergies?

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