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Interview with our boss Yasemin: Which Ayda® LUV Light is your favorite?

Which uv-lamp fits me? This is a frequently asked question and we have shared this question with our boss Yasemin. In this short interview she tells you more about the Ayda® LUV lamps and which one is her personal favorite: 

CFB staff: We now have several LUV lamps in our range and there are also more variants planned. Why are there several variants?

Boss: When we worked on our first Ayda® LUV lamp and the LUV glue, our focus was on sensitive customers. It was important to us to make a lamp that was preferable for sensitive customers and yet affordable for any stylist. This initially resulted in the Ayda® LUV Basic, a prototype with one watt and only one LED. The lamp had no heat generation and was very comfortable for the client to wear, but the curing time was more than 3 seconds. Therefore, the number of LEDs was increased to 9 to achieve a fast cure. With the Ayda® LUV Basic, we had achieved all our goals. By the way, our LUV adhesive also cures perfectly when using only a 1 watt lamp. We exclusively sell our own LUV eyelash glue recipe.

However, it quickly became apparent that our customers wanted a stronger LUV lamp. The advantages of the Ayda® LUV Basic Light in applying the lashes outweighed the regular Lashes System, and our customers really wanted to use this lamp for non-sensitive customers. The wish of our customers was clear: for work in the studio and with non-sensitive customers, the LUV glue should harden faster and the lamp neck should be longer. This is how the new version, our Ayda® LUV Pro, was born. This lamp allows adjusting the light intensity and has a longer lamp neck. However, a big stand with 5 wheels can be a disadvantage, if there is already a work lamp and a work station at the beauty bed, it can be a bit cramped. In comparison to the Ayda® LUV Basic, the Ayda® LUV Pro is also higher in price. 

Our next goal was therefore to produce a lamp with a slim design, fast curing, replaceable LEDs, long lamp neck and at a more affordable price. This resulted in the Ayda® LUV Change, which meets all our customers' requirements.

CFB staff: Will there be new lamps? Can you already tell us something about this?

Chef: Yes, in fact we have also received requests for a solution for mobile stylists. We are currently working on a clamp version that can be attached to work carts, beauty tables or cosmetic lamps.

CFB staff: Which Ayda® is your favorite?

Chef: Currently, my favorite lamp is the Ayda® LUV Change because it cures quickly, offers a sleek design, a long lamp neck, replaceable LEDs, and unbeatable value, paired with our LUV eyelash adhesive.

The clamp version is also a promising project that we are currently testing. I'm very optimistic that it will be one of my favorites, as it provides a flexible and space-saving solution for mobile stylists. We are working quite hard to ensure that the quality and performance of our products remain at the highest level, and we look forward to offering another innovative solution to our customers soon.

Which lamp do you like or which one have you already chosen? Tell us in the comments! ⬇️

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