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An important thought for eyelash studios: price increase for UV eyelash extensions?

Dear Lash Techs,

The world of eyelash extensions has evolved, and we are faced with an exciting question: should eyelash studios raise prices for their UV eyelash extension services? We'd like to open the discussion and hear your thoughts.

Longer lasting, lower costs:
With the introduction of our new LUV system, many eyelash studios have found that the retention of eyelash extensions has greatly improved. Clients can now come in at longer distances because the lashes last longer - for example, every 3 weeks instead of every 2 weeks. But what does this mean for pricing?

Cost savings and efficiency:
A key point is that material costs have not increased despite the purchase of the LUV system. In fact, some products are not even required. Products such as cleanser, primer and bonder are a thing of the past. In most cases, a proper cleansing with our Lash & Brow Foam is perfectly enough. This results in cost savings and more efficient treatment.

More customers, higher sales:
Due to the longer retention of the eyelash extensions and the shortened treatment time per customer, there are further advantages for eyelash studios. There is the possibility of serving more customers and increasing sales while maintaining the same working time and lower material costs. The introduction of the LUV system opens up new opportunities to grow the business.

The individual decision of each studio:
The question of whether a price increase is appropriate depends on many factors. Each eyelash studio should make this decision based on its own calculations and the needs of its customers. It is important to consider the values and expectations, as well as the local market.

Your opinion is needed:
We want to hear from you! What do you think about a possible price increase? Have you already had experience with it? Share your opinions and experiences in the comments. We value your input and take your feedback seriously.

We support you:
Our goal is to help eyelash studios succeed. If you have any questions or need more information, we are always available to help. Together we can make the best decision for your studio.

Let's discuss this important issue together and find the right decision for your eyelash studio. The world of eyelash extensions is constantly evolving, and we are ready to accompany you on this exciting journey.

Your team from CFB Cosmetics

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