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Valuable tips for beauty makers: support from family and friends

As service providers, it is important to have the support of family and friends. We often face the challenge of communicating the value of our services to our loved ones and encouraging them to use them at a reasonable price. In this blog article, we share valuable tips on how to get your family and friends to value your services and support you on your business journey.

  1. Clear communication: open and transparent communication is key. Explain to your loved ones that your service business requires time, dedication and resources. Talk about the importance of a reasonable price and how it will help you build your business sustainably.
  2. Highlight the value: Show your family and friends the benefits of your services. Emphasise your expertise, experience and commitment. Demonstrate how they will benefit from your expertise and how the regular price is justified.
  3. Reward your supporters: Instead of offering lower prices, you can offer alternative ways of supporting them. Consider ways to thank your loved ones, such as recognition, exclusive discounts on future services or referral rewards. This will make them feel valued and motivate them to recommend your services to others.
  4. Explain the impact: Take time to explain the impact of lower prices or even free services. Make it clear to your loved ones how such discounts can affect your business and limit your ability to continue providing quality services.
  5. Community spirit: Promote community spirit and underline the value of support from family and friends to the local economy. Show how by using your services at a fair price, they can help you grow as a service provider and continue to pursue your passion.

The support of family and friends is essential for service providers. By communicating the value of your services and offering clear communication and alternative forms of appreciation, you can encourage them to use your services at a fair price. This support not only contributes to the success of your business, but also strengthens the bond with your loved ones. Together, you can spread the word about your services and tell others about your professionalism and value.

We hope that these tips will help you to actively involve your family and friends in your service business and benefit from their valuable support.

We wish you every success on your journey as a service provider!

Your CFB Cosmetics Team

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