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Professional Basic Training - the perfect Basis for lots of Appointments and happy Customers

Professional Basic Training - the perfect Basis for lots of Appointments and happy Customers

An unbelievable look and a radiantly beautiful appearance! Who wouldn‘t want to offer this to their own customers and say with a clear conscience: „This is my work and I created it with my own hands!

However, pictures and stories of beauty treatments that have terribly gone wrong become more and more. Attempts to improve the situation often make it worse and are basically serious injuries. This demonstrates lack of expertise, training and professionalism.

There is a wide range of trainings and courses out there. A soaring number of providers is entering the market and selling training courses for little money while promising sound specialist knowledge at the same time. Interested parties are told that everyone is able to give a face a radiant appearance.

However, these inadequate, less professional training courses lack important foundations. Of course, cheap offers to quickly expand your portfolio are very tempting as everyone who is self-employed knows that downtimes for training do not generate money and cause costs.

If you maybe even have children and nobody to take care of them while you participate in an intensive training, these cheap and less time consuming classes come in handy.

Is a „do it yourself“ training with low quality material really the best way to retain customers, make them happy and fill order books? No! Because there is a lack of professional education, theoretical knowledge transfer, practical tips as well as proper exercise possibilities and professional guidance.

You get little to no information about the differences in eyelash extension, lash lifting or BB foundation to achieve exactly the desired effect. Rather, after a short, little informative introduction, you may try your best on a model through „learning by doing“. Finally, you get a certificate to prove that you are now a professional in the field of eyelash extension, lash lifting or BB foundation.

Proudly you tell your customers about your extended portfolio and they show great interest. The professional work you offered them so far means that customers are immediately ready to accept this new, extended offer. Your order book fills up with new appointments.

After a short time you realize that your new offer can hardly meet the wishes of the customers. There are problems and difficulties that make you doubt your own abilities. Often, it’s only the basic knowledge that is missing. Your customers, who were satisfied with your work so far, are now disappointed and perhaps look out for another cosmetic studios.
You cannot achieve the desired success, no matter how often you practice and how much money you invest in different products. Your technique will not improve because in your training you did not get enough important information, expertise and support to achieve excellent results.

At first you may not be aware of this because you have received a training certificate. You go on the internet and search for what you are doing wrong. During the troubleshooting you will come across the only correct answer that will open your eyes. The completed course for small money and little expenditure of time was only an insufficient training.

You notice that you lack important basic knowledge and professional guidance. Briefly being shown how a respective technique works and practicing it on a model once will not make you a professional. Suddenly you realize that you have chosen the wrong training provider. As in real life, it once again shows that it is better to invest more money and time in such an undertaking in order to be successful.

It‘s not your skills that make it hard for you to be successful, it‘s the choice of education. You can revise your wrong decision by starting a basic training for eyelash extension, BB foundation and lash lifting from CFB Cosmetics Germany to learn all the basic aspects from scratch.

Not only do you get all the important information, you also get excellent guidance and support that goes far beyond the training. As a participant you learn from and with others. Your success is our success at CFB Cosmetics Germany.

Don‘t be blinded by cheap training offers. You‘ll end up paying for it!

„Your choice of education is the key to success!“

More specialist knowledge, professionalism and responsible behavior is the right basis for your business, gives you more self-confidence and leads you to success. 

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