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Nano Mister Nano Mister
The new CFB Nano Sprayer is used to neutralize and reduce the vapors generated during and after application. Its function is to reduce irritation, burning and the possibility of further reactions. Does it improve durability? No Does it...
Content 1 Stück
€10.49 *
Contourcom® PMU Device Contourcom® PMU Device
Contourcom® PMU Device – Precision and Versatility in the World of Permanent Makeup The Contourcom® PMU Device is a true all-rounder that should be an essential part of every professional permanent makeup toolkit. With an extensive...
Content 1 Stück
€599.00 *
PMU Nadeln | passend für Contourcom® PMU Gerät PMU Nadeln | passend für Contourcom® PMU Gerät
Permanent Make-up Nadel | passend für Contourcom® PMU Gerät Steril verpackt 1 Stück Varianten: 1 R 0,25, 1 R 0,30, 2 R, 3 R 0,25, 3 RS, 4 F & 5 RS Geeignet für unser Contourcom® PMU Gerät Dieser Artikel ist aus hygienischen Gründen von...
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Fan-Box | for Prefanned Lashes Fan-Box | for Prefanned Lashes
Fan Box | for Prefanned Lashes This practical box with 8 compartments serves you for the perfect storage of your prefanned lashes and creates a tidy home for the different lengths and curls. The fan box is also suitable for storing...
Content 1 Stück
€5.50 *
CFB ring holder for mobile phones CFB ring holder for mobile phones
Ringhalter für Mobiltelfone mit CFB Logo 360° drehbar
€4.90 *
Plascom® Plasma Lifting Device Plascom® Plasma Lifting Device
PlasCom® Plasma Lifting Applications of CFB Cosmetics Plasmapen: Eyelid surgery without surgery neck frown lines end fold mouth wrinkles skin tightening pigmentation Scars stretch marks Our device is CE certified 100V / 110V - 220V /...
Content 1 Stück
€500.00 *
Medical Tape Micropore Medical Tape Micropore
Medical Tape Micropore With our Medical Tape Micropore in transparent with pore cavities you effectively counteract, for example, sagging eyelids and drooping eyelids, create a lifting effect and simplify the work when applying...
Content 1 Stück
€2.79 *
Tape Dispenser incl. Tape Tape Dispenser incl. Tape
Tape Dispenser white incl. Tape The Tape Dispenser is ideal for a well organized workplace and allows you to quickly and easily access a piece of our high quality tape without long searching. The white colour is clean and hygienic and...
Content 1 Stück
€4.50 *
BROWCOM® Rose Water BROWCOM® Rose Water
BROWCOM® Rose Water- Fixes and strengthens/extends the coloring with BrowHenna. Application: a) To mix the henna paste. For stronger coloring, mix the henna with rose water. b) Apply our traditional rose water to the freshly painted and...
Content 200 Milliliter
€11.95 *
BROWCOM Oil The aftercare product after dyeing with henna provides the fine hairs with high-quality ingredients that provide a caring and moisturising effect. Directions for use: Browcom Oil is applied as a finish after the dyeing...
Content 30 Milliliter
€18.97 *
Bundle "Lash & Brow Lifting" & "Eyelash Extensions Book" Bundle "Lash & Brow Lifting" & "Eyelash...
Das Bücher Bundle "Lash & Brow Lifting" & "Eyelash Extensions" Im Bundle erwerben und 10% sparen! Unsere Fachbücher bieten umfangreiches Wissen, detaillierte Anleitungen und praktische Tipps für angehende oder fortgeschrittene...
Content 1 Stück
€60.00 * €67.00 *
BROWCOM® Henna Eraser BROWCOM® Henna Eraser
BROWCOM® Henna Eraser Application: Have you painted your face? Immediately apply the color eraser with a cotton pad. Prevents the color from penetrating deeply. Features: Gentle yet thorough Easy to use Contents: 200ml Ingredients:...
Content 200 Milliliter
€12.95 *
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