Alcohol pads

Enrich your treatment routine with our alcohol pads, which are essential for the hygienic preparation of your skin before cosmetic treatments.
Product information "Alcohol pads"
Prepare your skin perfectly for cosmetic treatments with our high-quality alcohol pads.

Each pad is individually sealed to ensure maximum hygiene and safety.
Saturated with 70% isopropyl alcohol, these pads effectively cleanse and disinfect the skin before you start your treatments.

Individually sealed for maximum hygiene
Made of viscose and polyester, soaked with 70% isopropyl alcohol

Scope of delivery:
100 x alcohol pads - 35 mm x 35 mm

Enrich your treatment routine with our alcohol pads, which are essential for the hygienic preparation of your skin before cosmetic applications.

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For commercial use only. Keep out of the reach of children!

Tweezers | Gold Professional | No 8 | 75° | 6mm
Unleash your creativity in eyelash extensions with our Professional Tweezers No. 8 - the ultimate tool for all eyelash extension techniques.Features:The clever design and slim, precise beak allow effortless handling when picking up and applying eyelash extensions, especially for the demanding volume technique.The tip of the tweezers is curved in a wide L-shape, which enables quick and easy fanning. High-quality, anti-static material and polished, golden tips ensure optimum grip and smooth work.Immerse yourself in the world of eyelash extensions and rely on Professional Tweezers No. 8 - the indispensable tool for precise and perfect results.

Tweezers | Luxury Diamond | No 9 | 75° | 10mm
Experience perfection in eyelash extensions with the Luxury Diamond Tweezers No. 9 - 75° curved with 10 mm tip. These tweezers not only offer first-class comfort, but are also the ideal tool for the volume technique. Thanks to their careful design, they fit comfortably in the hand and their thin beak enables precise control when picking up and applying lash extensions. The tweezers are made of high-quality, antistatic material and impress with their outstanding workmanship, which makes them effortless to use. The inner surfaces are diamond-coated, which not only makes it easier to create perfect lash fans, but also ensures precise placement.Features:Perfect for volume techniqueOptimally even closureQuick and easy fanning possibleHigh-quality workmanship for effortless handlingColor: White with silver, diamond-coated tipEasy to pick up and apply eyelash extensionsAntistaticLength approx. 13 cmGive your eyelash extensions that little bit of extra precision and luxury with the Luxury Diamond Tweezers No. 9. Order now and experience professional work at the highest level!

Tweezers | Luxury Diamond | No 5 | 75° | 10mm
Discover the impressive precision of the Luxury Diamond Tweezers No. 5 - 75° curved with 10 mm tip, your reliable companion for the volume technique and all eyelash techniques. Thanks to their sophisticated design, they sit comfortably in the hand and their thin beak allows for precise control when picking up and applying eyelash extensions. The long L-shaped tips make fanning easier and ensure outstanding results. The tweezers are made of high-quality, anti-static material and offer not only first-class workmanship but also effortless handling.The inner surfaces are diamond-coated, which not only makes it easier to create perfect lash fans, but also ensures precise placement.Features:Ideal for the volume techniqueOptimally even closureQuick and easy fanning possibleHigh-quality workmanship for effortless handlingColor: White with silver, diamond-coated tipEasy to pick up and apply eyelash extensionsAntistaticLength approx. 13 cmAdd a touch of luxury and precision to your eyelash extensions with the Luxury Diamond Tweezers No. 5. Order now and experience the top class in eyelash extensions for yourself!

Eyebrow circle
The Browcom® Brow Compass is a precise tool for measuring the eyebrow design exactly and harmonizing it with your client's face. This professional instrument allows you to take the exact measurements to create a perfect eyebrow design. With the Browcom® Eyebrow Compass, measuring the eyebrow design becomes a simple and efficient process. The handling is uncomplicated and the precise measurements help you to achieve optimal results.Features:Compasses for precise eyebrow measurementProfessional precision toolEasy handling for accurate measurementsScope of delivery:1 x eyebrow compassUse the Browcom® eyebrow compass to determine the measurements for a perfect eyebrow design and offer your customers exact results.

Silicone tray | tray for eyelash plate | square
Optimize your eyelash extensions with our versatile silicone tray, an innovative solution for smooth work.Features:Flexible application: Stick the lash strips onto the silicone tray and remove them effortlessly at will. Thanks to this flexibility, you experience maximum adaptability and comfort during your work. The silicone tray is also ideal for placing loose prefanned lashes.Effortless cleaning: The silicone tray is easy to clean with soap and/or disinfectant spray, allowing you to work hygienically and professionally without compromise.Versatile positioning: The flexible silicone base also allows placement on your forehead. This shortens the working distance from the adhesive to the lash, increases your efficiency and ensures precise results.Scope of delivery:1 x silicone trayWith our silicone tray, you are ideally equipped to take your working method to the next level. Rely on quality and functionality to inspire your customers with perfectly styled lashes.

Eyelash plate | small | acrylic glass
Optimize your eyelash extension process with our practical acrylic eyelash plates. Simply remove the lash strips from the tray and stick them onto the lash base to have the lashes ready to hand.This time-saving solution makes working with eyelash extensions much easier.The compact dimensions of 70 x 100 x 10 mm make them handy and space-saving.Our recommendation:Use the eyelash trays in combination with our silicone tray on the eyelash plate to organize your eyelashes perfectly and optimally design your workplace.Increase your efficiency and precision in eyelash extensions with our high-quality eyelash trays & look forward to a smooth workflow!

Blades | 0.20 | 21 Pin
Discover the perfect solution for microblading in your studio with our high-quality 21 blades with a thickness of 0.20.Advantages:These blades give the eyebrows the desired expression and make them look natural.Each blade is individually packaged and sterilized according to hygiene guidelines to ensure maximum safety.After use, they can be conveniently disposed of in the cannula container, ensuring a smooth workflow.Features:Sales unit: 5 piecesSterile packaged disposable itemsDisposal in the cannula container for optimum hygieneAchieve professional results and offer your customers flawless microblading services with our high-quality 21 blades.

Content: 5 Stück (€0.98* / 1 Stück)

Tweezer cleaner | Glue off
It removes glue residue from the tips of the tweezers quickly, gently and completely so that you can create perfect fans precisely and effortlessly. Thanks to clean tweezer tips, fans that fall apart are a thing of the past.Features:Content: 10 mlThe colors of the contents may varyApplication:Simply dip the uncoated tweezer tip into the cleaner and see your tweezers return to top form.Scope of delivery:1 x tweezer cleanerWith our tweezer cleaner, annoying adhesive residue is a thing of the past and you are ready for precise and professional eyelash extensions. Order now and experience the ease of perfectly cleaned tweezer tips!

Content: 10 Milliliter (€0.59* / 1 Milliliter)

Shoe covers
Maintain maximum cleanliness and hygiene in your eyelash salon with our disposable shoe covers. Advantages:Made from high-quality, waterproof PE material and with a tear resistance of around 2.8 g/m², they offer reliable protection against soiling.Our disposable shoe covers are equipped with an integrated elastic band that ensures a secure fit on the shoe and enables a universal fit up to shoe size 45. They are also antistatic, which also contributes to hygiene.Features: Made from waterproof PE material for maximum protectionTear-resistant and hard-wearingColor: BlueWith elastic band for a secure fitFits up to shoe size 45 Antistatic for additional hygieneScope of delivery:100 x shoe coversInvest in cleanliness and hygiene for your studio and offer your customers an optimal environment for their treatments.

Content: 100 Stück (€0.04* / 1 Stück)

Disposable cushion pad PE coated 33x45cm
Experience maximum comfort and optimum protection for your customers with our cushion pad for the treatment table in the eyelash salon. Features:This high-quality pad not only offers hygienic protection during various treatments, but also gives your customers a feeling of cleanliness and well-being.Simply placed on the head section of the table, our cushion pad ensures that your customers can relax and enjoy the treatment to the full. As a professional eyelash stylist, it is important that you offer your customers an environment in which they feel comfortable and in good hands.The cushion pads are available in white.Scope of delivery:10 x disposable cushion pads - 33 cm x 45 cm.Invest in the satisfaction and well-being of your customers with our high-quality cushion pads. Make your customer visit a pleasant experience while boosting confidence in your professionalism and commitment to hygiene and cleanliness.

Content: 10 Stück (€0.45* / 1 Stück)

Disposable couch covers | 75x200
Experience maximum cleanliness and hygiene with our disposable couch covers, which can be easily changed after each treatment.Advantages:These disposable fitted sheets are equipped with an elastic band, similar to fitted sheets, to prevent them from slipping and keep them securely in place on the bed. Thanks to their adaptable shape, the sheets fit perfectly to the contours of the couch and offer a secure fit even during exercise treatments.Features: Lightweight non-woven material for maximum comfortIndividually wrapped in foil to ensure maximum hygieneColor: WhiteAvailable variants:Our disposable fitted sheets are available in various sizes, from 60 cm to 75 cm wide and 180 cm to 200 cm long, depending on the thickness of your table's upholstery (up to 10 cm).Scope of delivery:1 x disposable couch coverGet our disposable couch covers now and offer your customers maximum cleanliness and comfort during their treatments.

From €1.48*
Lash & Brow Lifting | Lotion 2
Immerse yourself in the world of perfect lash lifting with our exclusive Liftcom® Lash & Brow Lifting Lotion 2. This product is the second step in our lash lifting process and plays a crucial role in achieving a flawless result.Features:High-quality Lifting Lotion 2Short application timeStore in a cool, dry and dark placeCan be kept for approx. 3 months after openingScope of delivery:1 x Lotion 2 - 4mlOur Liftom® Lash & Brow Lifting Lotion 2 not only offers first-class results, but is also easy to use and ensures that your lashes are perfectly styled all day long. Trust in the expertise and quality of our product and experience for yourself how your lashes become real eye-catchers!

Content: 4 Milliliter (€4.80* / 1 Milliliter)

Lash Lifting Adhesive | EXTRA STRONG | viscous
Discover Lash Lifting Glue, your secret weapon for perfectly fixed natural lashes on silicone pads!Our glue comes in a generous 5 ml bottle and offers reliable fixation for a flawless lash lifting result. With its thick consistency, it is particularly suitable for beginners as it offers strong adhesive power and prevents accidental smudging.The difference between our thick "Extra Strong" and the thin "Regular" Lash Lifting Glue lies in their application. While the thick glue is suitable for both beginners and advanced users and may require a longer application time, the thin glue is ideal for experienced stylists and less stubborn lashes.Scope of delivery:1 x Lash Lifting Glue - 5mlOur tip: The Lash Lifting Glue is not only suitable for eyelashes, but also for facial decorations such as glitter stones and glitter. Perfect for lash art and easy to remove with water!Invest in our Lash Lifting Glue and discover the many application options for perfectly styled lashes and creative facial decorations!

Content: 5 Milliliter (€2.70* / 1 Milliliter)

Lash & Brow Lifting | Lotion 1
Our lotions offer the perfect solution for anyone looking for a product that delivers fast results while being gentle on skin and hair. Vegan and cruelty-free towards animals, they are the ideal choice for ethical skincare. Enjoy the pleasant scent and gentle texture of these lotions as they shape your lashes and brows.Features:High quality formulationGentle and effective reshaping of eyelashes & eyebrowsCan be kept for approx. 3 months after openingSufficient for up to 25 applications. Even more for advanced stylists.Scope of delivery:1 x Lotion 1 - 4mlDiscover the secret weapon for perfectly shaped eyelashes and eyebrows today with the Lash & Brow Lifting Lotions from CFB Cosmetics®.

Content: 4 Milliliter (€4.80* / 1 Milliliter)

Lash & Brow Lifting | Lotion 3
Discover the secret of beautiful eyelashes and eyebrows with CFB Cosmetics Lash & Brow Lifting Lotion 3! Give your eyelashes and eyebrows that little bit extra with the innovative Lash & Brow Lifting Lotion 3 from CFB Cosmetics. This highly effective formula not only nourishes, but also intensively moisturizes your eyelashes and eyebrows for a radiant and healthy look.Properties: Lifting Lotion 3 for eyelashes and eyebrowsIntensive moisturizing care for a healthy lookShelf life of approx. 3 months after openingPlease store in a cool, dry place and out of the reach of childrenScope of delivery:1 x lotion 3 - 4mlPamper your eyelashes and eyebrows with the luxurious Lash & Brow Lifting Lotion 3 from CFB Cosmetics and enjoy radiant results that will put a smile on your face all day long!

Content: 4 Milliliter (€4.80* / 1 Milliliter)

Vitamin E Cream | 5ml
Discover the soothing and protective effect of our vitamin E cream, which was specially developed as aftercare after various beauty treatments such as Glowcom BB Foundation, Plascom Plasma Lifting or Microblading.Properties:Made in Germany: Trust in quality from German production facilities.Practical format: The cream is available in a handy 5ml tube, ideal for on the go or when traveling.Anti-inflammatory effect : Enriched with vitamin E, this cream helps to reduce redness and soothe the skin.Protective formula: The vitamin E cream simultaneously provides protection against external influences and supports skin regeneration.Skin-friendly ingredients: The formula contains carefully selected ingredients such as Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil and Glycerin to ensure optimal care.Scope of delivery:1 x Vitamin E Cream - 5mlApplication: Plascom Plasma Lifting: Apply the vitamin E cream once a day after the plasma application, after gently cleansing your face. Glowcom BB Foundation: Use the cream immediately after the BB Foundation treatment and then once a day after gently cleansing your face.Give your skin the care it needs and treat yourself to the beneficial effects of our vitamin E cream after your beauty treatments.

Content: 5 Milliliter (€0.90* / 1 Milliliter)

Lash & Brow Lifting | Lotion Set
Achieve professional results with our comprehensive Lash & Brow Lifting Set. Includes three high-quality lotions for the ultimate shaping and definition of your lashes and brows. Features: High-quality lotionsCan be kept for approx. 3 months after openingStore in a cool, dry and dark placeOver 5% price saving compared to buying them individually!Scope of delivery: 1 x lotion 1 - 4ml1 x lotion 2 - 4ml1 x Lotion 3 - 4mlExperience the perfect combination for gorgeous eyelashes and eyebrows with our Lash & Brow Lifting Set!

Content: 3 Stück (€18.23* / 1 Stück)

Make-up remover pads | 75 pieces
Perfect the cleaning of your customers' eyelashes with our high-quality make-up remover pads. Developed for the thorough removal of make-up residues, dirt and grease, these pads offer the ideal preparation for a professional eyelash treatment.With a gentle formulation, they care for lashes and skin, creating a clean surface and extending the life of lash extensions.Properties:Content: 75 piecesConvenient application: Individual pads are easy to remove with tweezers, making them easy to use.Lint-freeOil-freeScope of delivery:1 x make-up remover padsRely on the right cleanser for impressive eyelash results!

Content: 75 Stück (€0.09* / 1 Stück)

Fortune Developer | 3%
Discover the Fortune Developer 3%, which is perfectly matched to the Fortune eyebrow and eyelash tint and guarantees you an optimal tinting result.Properties:Optimal reaction of color and developer Specially developed for Fortune eyebrow and eyelash colorAchieve the best results for expressive eyesScope of delivery:1 x Fortune developer 3% - 50mlApplication:Mix 8 to 10 drops of 3% hydrogen peroxide with approximately 1 to 2 cm of eyelash color from the tube. Then apply the mixture evenly to the eyebrows and eyelashes. After leaving on for just 10 minutes, rinse the color out thoroughly. Give your eyes an impressive look with the Fortune developer 3% and our high-quality eyebrow and eyelash color. Order now and experience radiantly beautiful eyes!

PMU | Lip Pigment | Flamingo
Give your PMU lip treatments a new dimension with the Contourcom® PMU Lip Pigment in the color Flamingo. This pigment has been specially developed to achieve the best results. The PMU color has a flowable consistency that can be perfectly absorbed and worked into the skin. This allows you to achieve fantastic color results with incredible luminosity in your beauty salon.Advantages:Manufactured in Germany to the highest quality standardsAirtight and sterile sealedMedium viscosity consistencySuitable for permanent make-upEconomical to useOptimum color intensityInorganicOur colors are manufactured in accordance with EUReSAP 2008.1, which applies in the EUProperties:Content: 10 mlOther colors in the rangeColorants used +/-: CI 77891, CI 77491, CI 12490, CI 15850:1, CI 77268:1, CI 19140:1Discover the highest quality and precision for professional PMU applications with Countourcom® permanent make-up pigments. Achieve perfect results and inspire your customers with a flawless result!

Content: 10 Milliliter (€4.00* / 1 Milliliter)

Ballpoint pen | Glitter | CFB Design
Discover the exclusivity of Crystal ballpoint pens with the CFB Cosmetics® logo - the perfect addition to your studio!The high-quality Crystal ballpoint pens from CFB Cosmetics® are not only stylish writing instruments, but also an elegant way to present your studio's logo. The exclusive Crystal ballpoint pens are now also available for your studio to add a personal touch to your workplace.Scope of delivery:1 x ballpoint penShow your customers that you not only stand for excellent beauty treatments, but also for stylish design. Order the Crystal ballpoint pens with the CFB logo today and make a glamorous statement in your studio!

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