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ExpressLash by Lashcom®

Entdecken Sie ExpressLash für eine Wimpernverlängerung in nur 20-35 Minuten. Erfahren Sie mehr über dieses innovative Angebot und revolutionieren Sie Ihre Beauty-Dienstleistungen.

Hol dir deinen Rabattcode für CFB Cosmetics®!

Entdecke hochwertige Produkte bei CFB Cosmetics®. Bewerte uns positiv und erhalte einen exklusiven Rabattcode!

UV glue for hair extensions

Discover the future of hairstyling: UV adhesive for hair extensions! Invisible bonding points, maximum versatility and perfect hold - an absolute must-have for hairdressers and hairstylists!

Airbrush Brows

Discover Browcom® Airbrush Brows. Revolutionize your beauty range with exclusive, long-lasting eyebrows.

Application times for Lash & Brow Lifting Lotions

Discover the secrets of the perfect lash & brow lift: maximize your results with the right application times!

Anleitung: Wimpernverlängerung entfernen

Anleitung: Wimpernverlängerung entfernen. So geht es! Nur durch geschultes Fachpersonal.

Beauty Düsseldorf 2024 CFB Cosmetics® Neuheiten

Entdecke die neuesten Beauty-Trends auf der Beauty Messe 2024 in Düsseldorf! Erfahre mehr über unsere innovativen Produkte bei CFB Cosmetics®

Das perfekte Wimpernshampoo für die Wimpernverlängerung

Das perfekte Wimpernshampoo für die Wimpernverlängerung

Eyelash Extensions: Der Leitfaden zum Profi-Wimpernstylisten

Entdecke den ultimativen Leitfaden für Eyelash Extensions & Wimpernverlängerung. Erhalte Tipps, Techniken & Produkte für perfekte Ergebnisse! Werde zum Profi-Wimpernstylisten.

Wimpernverlängern: Die perfekte Ergänzung für dein Beauty-Studio

Wimpernverlängern ist nicht nur das Kleben von Lashes. Die Wimpernverlängerung ist ein Kunsthandwerk was gelernt sein will.

Wimpernverlängerung mit UV Licht: Entdecke das LUV System® von CFB Cosmetics® für perfekte Ergebnisse!

Erhalte langanhaltende Wimpernverlängerungen mit UV Licht dank des innovativen LUV Systems® von CFB Cosmetics® und unserem erstklassigen L-UV Kleber.

Henna Farbe für Augenbrauen: Perfekte Farbauswahl und exklusive Online-Schulung bei CFB Cosmetics®

Entdecke unsere hochwertigen Henna Farben für perfekte Augenbrauen! Exklusive Online-Schulung inklusive. Jetzt bei CFB Cosmetics® informieren!

Die perfekte Augenbrauenform

Entdecke die perfekte Augenbrauenform: Expertentipps für strahlende Schönheit. Jetzt lesen und Gesichtszüge harmonisch definieren!

Die ultimative Anleitung zu Wimpern Extensions und dem UV System

Erfahre alles über Wimpern Extensions und das innovative UV System für langanhaltende Ergebnisse. Erlebe das LUV System® für professionelle Anwendungen!

Wimpernkleber im Griff: Tipps zur Kontrolle von Luftfeuchtigkeit und Raumtemperatur

Erfahre, wie du den Wimpernkleber perfektionierst! Optimiere deine Wimpern-Anwendung mit unseren Tipps zur Kontrolle von Luftfeuchtigkeit und Raumtemperatur.

🌟Kostenlose Online-Schulung für Wimpernverlängerung und Design 🌟

Entdecke unsere kostenlose Online-Schulung für perfektes Wimperndesign. Meistere das Spiel der Augen und werde ein Experte! Jetzt anmelden.

Effortless eyelash extensions with Luxury Satin Lashes Extensions

Discover the magic of lash extensions with our Luxury Satin Lashes! Effortless fanning. Read now! 🌟

Eyelash lifting with Liftcom

Discover the eyelash lift from Liftcom®! Naturally beautiful lashes without extensions. Find out how to emphasize your lashes. Read now!

Health-friendly UV eyelash extensions: non-harmful and safe

Find out why UV eyelash extensions are not only safe, but also gentle on your health. Enjoy long, radiant lashes without the risk of damage!

How long do eyelash extensions last?

Maximize the durability of your eyelash extensions with our LUV System®. Discover now!

Step by step instructions UV Lashes

Discover quick and easy UV eyelash extensions! Step-by-step instructions for easy results. Read now and impress!

UV glue for eyelash extensions: safety, application and effectiveness

Discover the safety and effectiveness of UV glue in eyelash extensions. Learn more about our certified UV lamps for optimal results.

Why PMMA in eyelash adhesives is safe

Discover the safety of PMMA in eyelash adhesives: minimally concentrated and without direct skin contact for long-lasting glamor!

SPLASH BOND 2in1 | Primer and Bonder

🛍️ Make your life easier and your customers happier with the Splash Bonder 2in1. Order now and immerse yourself in a new dimension of eyelash extensions! 🌊

Eyelash extensions and allergies: causes, symptoms and tips for prevention

Find out how you can avoid allergic reactions after eyelash extensions. Tips and symptoms at a glance!

Eyelash serum - maximum eyelash splendor for your extensions

Lash & Brow Booster: hormone-free, extension-compatible, for longer, healthier eyelashes & eyebrows! 🌟

Instructions Airbrush Hybrid Brows

Step by step instructions. Discover the innovation in eyebrow care: Your Airbrush Hybrid Brows in the Beauty Studio 💄✨

Prevent missed appointments with our effective appointment cards! 💇‍♀️

Prevent missed appointments and strengthen your customer loyalty with our stylish appointment cards! Timely reminders and minimized cancellations. 📅💇‍♀️

Combination of airbrush hybrid brows and eyebrow lamination

Discover the ultimate eyebrow combination for your beauty studio! Achieve natural yet impressive results with airbrush hybrid brows and eyebrow lamination. 💖✨

Eyelash lift no effect

🌟 Help! My eyelash lift went wrong! 😫 Discover the possible reasons and how you can fix the problem to make your clients shine again. 💕

Eyelash mites

Discover the world of eyelash mites! 🕵️‍♂️ Find out how these invisible guests live in your eyelashes and how you can keep an eye on them. 🦠✨

The perfect price for Airbrush Hybrid Brows

🌟 Discover how you can create the perfect price-performance ratio for your clients with Airbrush Hybrid Brows! 💰💄 Give your studio the competitive edge it deserves! 💫

Discover your passion for beauty with our online training courses

Unleash your beauty potential with our flexible online training courses! Learn from experts, receive certificates and secure exclusive discounts on your studio equipment. Start your successful beauty career today!

How often should you repeat an eyelash lift to achieve permanently lifted eyelashes?

🌟 For permanently beautiful eyelashes: an eyelash lift every six weeks! Discover how this beauty magic can change your look. 💫💖

How long does an eyelash lift last? A look at the facts

Enjoy long-lasting eyelashes with our eyelash lift! By gently lifting the lash line, your lashes are given more volume and definition for up to 8 weeks.

Eyelash extension allergy: alternatives

Discover the solution for eyelash extension allergies at CFB Cosmetics®: UV Lash System without cyanoacrylate! 🌟

Shaping eyebrows

The art of eyebrow design: a guide for you as a beautymaker

Cosmetic studio cancellation fee - form

Cancellation fee in the beauty salon - Get our free form now

Plasma Pen: Removing milia

Discover effective milia removal with the Plasma Pen from CFB Cosmetics® for smoother and radiant skin. Make your appointment with your beautician today!

Pregnant eyelash stylist

Attention pregnant eyelash stylists! Find out how eyelash extensions during pregnancy & breastfeeding affect you and your clients. Plus: tips on safe application.

Removing fibromas with the Plascom® Plasma Pen: a gentle solution

Discover the gentle solution for fibromas: the Plascom® Plasma Pen offers painless application and precise removal without scarring! Make an appointment and get rid of annoying skin tags for good.

Airbrush Hybrid Brows on trend

Discover the future of eyebrow design with Airbrush Hybrid Brows from Browcom® - perfect results for beauty professionals!

Advantages of the UV Lash System

Revolutionary UV Lash System: Independent, long-lasting, allergen-reduced. LUV System® Perfection for lashes, innovation for stylists!

Eyelash glue without cyanoacrylate for UV eyelash extensions

Safety and beauty combined: discover our cyanoacrylate-free eyelash glue for UV eyelash extensions! 🌟

Eyelash tinting: What happens when the color is applied?

Discover the fascinating process of eyelash tinting, in which dyes and hydrogen peroxide interact with each other to enchant your lashes. Find out how this oxidation tinting ensures long-lasting color results.

Eyelash glue without cyanoacrylate

Discover the future of eyelash extensions: our revolutionary cyanoacrylate-free adhesive offers safety and quality without compromise.

The revolution in eyelash extensions: the award-winning LUV System®

Discover the award-winning LUV System® - the new era of eyelash extensions! Perfect quality and innovation combined for breathtaking results.

Valuable tips for beauty makers: support from family and friends

Learn how to get your family and friends to appreciate your services and support you. Communication, explaining your value and alternative forms of appreciation are key. Read more in our blog article!

An important consideration for eyelash studios: price increase for UV eyelash extensions?

Discover a new dimension in eyelash extensions with the LUV System®. Discuss with us whether price increases are justified. Your opinion counts!

UV Lash System: Safe and tested

Our CFB Cosmetics® UV Lash System is safe and tested. Read more about it in this blog article.

The truth about the cost of eyelash extensions: What's really behind it?

Discover the truth about the cost of eyelash extensions and the value of the professional work of eyelash stylists. Find out more!

Private label - your success with your own eyelash brand

With private labeling, you establish your brand as an eyelash professional with your own products, for more success and recognition.

No more eyelash glue allergy with UV eyelash extensions

With LUV eyelash glue, allergy problems are a thing of the past. Pigment-free and UV-curing, it offers maximum comfort and safety for sensitive customers.

Brow Henna: The art of eyebrow design and care

Become an eyebrow pro with Brow Henna! Perfect shape, long-lasting care. Start your journey to mastery now!

UV eyelash extensions LUV System® by CFB Cosmetics

UV eyelash extensions are the groundbreaking revolution in the eyelash industry. We have been working on the development of the LUV System® since 2018. Find out more about it here.

FAQ's: Frequently asked questions about the UV Lash System

Since the introduction of our LUV System® in 2022, we have revolutionized the eyelash industry and taken it by storm. In this blog article, we have compiled the most frequently asked questions about the UV Lash System.

5 tips for a younger look without beauty surgery

That's what today is all about: how to achieve beautiful results with a few tricks from the beauty box.

Difference between nanoblading and microblading

Discover the future of eyebrows: Nanoblading vs. microblading. Which method is the perfect choice for you? Find out now! 💫

Difference between eyelash curling and lash lifting

Lash curling vs. lash lifting: two procedures, one goal - stunning lashes! In our new blog post, you can find out what makes them different and which one is right for you.

Three signs of poor eyelash extensions

Keep your eyes open at the eyelash salon! 🚨 Find out the hidden signs of poor treatment that could put your health at risk in our new blog article. Protect your eyes by knowing these important tips. Read on to find out more!

What you need to know about eye mites in the eyelashes

Everyone knows that mites like to live in the mattress - but did you also know that eye mites like to make themselves at home in our eyelashes? What does this mean for eyelash extensions?

Eyelash lifting vs. eyelash extensions - which is right for me?

Discover the difference: eyelash lifting vs. eyelash extensions. Which technique is right for you? Find out more at CFB Cosmetics!

Online training eyelash extension basic 1to1

Learn the art of eyelash extensions from the comfort of your own home with our online training. Flexible, with lifelong access to training videos.

Online training eyelash extension basic 1to1

Discover the future of learning: our online eyelash training course has already produced over 5000 successful graduates. Become part of our success story!

The most common mistakes in eyelash lifting

Discover common eyelash lifting mistakes and how to avoid them for perfect results!

No more tired panda eyes

No more panda eyes! Discover the ultimate tips for flawless lashes. From primer to waterproof mascara - so your look stays fresh all day long.

The thread technique: traditional hair removal

Discover the gentle power of the thread technique for long-lasting smooth skin! Online training courses at CFB Cosmetics. Find out more now!

Hands off: no eyelash extensions for these eye diseases

Let's talk about eye diseases today. If the eye looks altered and ailing, it is your job as an eyelash stylist to refer your client to a doctor.

What do I need to consider before my eyelash appointment?

What should your customers know before their eyelash extension appointment? Summarized here for you.

How do I become self-employed?

Ready to start your own business after your beauty training? Find out from us how to successfully master the first steps! 💄💼

Prefabricated volume compartments: the ultimate solution or a compromise?

Discover in our new blog article how a beginner decorated an eye with prefabricated volume fans in just 30 minutes. Surprising result!

Promote and thicken hair growth with microneedling / nanoneedling

A special highlight is hair thickening using microneedling / nanoneedling with our Glowcom® series

Light-curing UV eyelash glue

Discover our revolutionary UV eyelash glue: allergen-reduced, fast, long-lasting. Perfection for your lashes, innovation for you. Try the LUV System® now!

ALLERGIES AND IRRITATION during lash lifting

Allergies and irritations are important in the beauty industry. Today we provide information about possible reactions to lash lifting.

Eyelash extensions during pregnancy

Discover how eyelash extensions remain safe during pregnancy & breastfeeding. Tips for stylists and clients!

What to do if customers don't keep their appointments?

Self-employed people are annoyed when customers miss appointments. Idle time, loss of revenue. Solution?

Is eyelash tinting harmful?

Discover the benefits of eyelash tinting: safety, advantages and care tips for radiant eyes! 💫

Brow lifting - an established trend for perfect eyebrows

Discover Brow Lifting - the proven trend for perfect eyebrows. Can now be combined with innovative Airbrush Hybrid Brows Pigments!

Store eyelash glue correctly and save costs

Learn how to properly store your eyelash glue to save costs and maximize performance! 🌟

Acrylates - Knowledge (Polyacrylate-Cyanoacrylate)

Learn all about acrylates in eyelash adhesives: Why they're important and how they can affect your lash extensions!

A field report: Why high-quality training as an eyelash stylist is crucial

Find out why high-quality training for eyelash stylists is crucial. An experience report on inadequate training and the path to success with CFB Cosmetics®

Liftcom® Lash Lifting Systems - Differences

You will find two eyelash lifting systems in our range. Learn more about the different application times.

Browcom® Brow Henna: The art of eyebrow design and care

Discover Browcom® Brow Henna: the art of eyebrow design! Nourishing, precise, professional. Book your training now and experience the difference!

How do I practise subjects? Which subject is my favorite?

Create perfect lash fans like a pro! Practical tips for beginners from CFB Cosmetics®. Perfect your technique now!

Silicone pads for lash lifting / lamination in comparison

Silicone pads influence the curl during lash lifting. You can find detailed measurements for the perfect lash design in our blog post!

Cyanoacrylate: history and application

Discover the fascinating history and diverse applications of cyanoacrylate, from "superglue" to life-saving medicine and forensics.

With this knowledge, you can master any eyelash glue!

Discover the secrets behind the perfect eyelash glue! With this know-how, you'll be ready for any challenge. Find out everything now!

Mastering the perfect lash line: tips and tricks for professionals

Discover the secrets of a perfect lash line for eyelash extensions! Free online training from CFB Cosmetics. Register now!

Saline solution vs. primer

Discover the difference: primer vs. saline solution for perfect eyelash extensions. Find out what really ensures optimum hold.

The art of volume: master the perfect fan

Discover the secret of fluffy volume sets! Perfect your fanning technique for breathtaking lashes. Your path to the perfect design starts now!

ALLERGIES & IRRITATIONS Eyelash extensions

Eyelash glue allergy or perhaps another cause? You need to know!

Why is the lifting result no longer as strong for some customers?

Stylists often report that the results of a lash lift are not as strong after the third time as they were the first two times. This can be explained quite simply and I would like to explain the reason for this here.
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