Pigment ring with closure | 10 pieces

Discover our pigment rings with practical closure - ideal for professional tattoos or cosmetic applications. High-quality materials guarantee durability and precision.
Product information "Pigment ring with closure | 10 pieces"
Prepare for perfect cosmetic applications with our pack of 10 pigment rings with cap. These rings offer a convenient solution for storing and applying pigments during your creative process.

Made from high quality materials, our pigment rings are equipped with a reliable cap that prevents spillage or drying out of pigments. Each ring is durable and easy to clean, allowing for long-term use.

Scope of delivery:
10 pieces

Order now and improve your workflow with our high-quality pigment rings with cap. Make your next creative process smooth and efficient!"

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For commercial use only. Keep out of the reach of children!

Hyaluron | Hyaluronic Serum
Discover the versatility of our Hyaluronic Serum, which is suitable both as a pre-treatment for the Glowcom BB Foundation and for microneedling.Application:BB Foundation pre-treatment: Use the Hyaluronic Serum as an optimal pre-treatment to prepare your skin for the application of the Glowcom BB Foundation. The moisturizing effect ensures a smooth complexion and improved durability of the foundation. Microneedling: The serum is also ideal for the microneedling procedure as it moisturizes the skin and supports skin regeneration to achieve optimal results.Scope of delivery:1 x Hyaluron - 10mlExperience the transformative effect of our Hyaluronic Serum and give your skin the boost of freshness it deserves.

Content: 10 Milliliter (€0.99* / 1 Milliliter)

Needling & PMU Beauty Pen | incl. 2x Nano needles
Discover the Microneedling & PMU Pen - your reliable tool for professional treatments.Features:The pen is equipped with an innovative function: as soon as you switch it on and set the desired level, it flashes in the selected level cycle. The higher the level, the faster it flashes, so that you always have control over your settings.Please observe the hygiene regulations of your federal state and use a cable protection cover for the pen to ensure optimum hygiene.Scope of delivery:1 x Microneedling & PMU Pen1 x adapter1 x instruction manual2 x nano needles, sterile packedThe pen offers different speed levels:Level: 4000 revolutions/minLevel: 5000 revolutions/minLevel: 6000 revolutions/minLevel: 7000 revolutions/minStage: 8000 rpmEAR registration number: WEEE reg.no. DE 16233303 The Microneedling & PMU Pen is a high-quality device for professional treatments and optimum results.

Microblading Pigment | Black Brown | BROWCOM®
Microblading Pigment | Black Brown | BROWCOM®The microblading color Black Brown 08 has an ideal texture to achieve the best results. It has a fluid consistency so that it can be perfectly absorbed and worked into the skin. With a microblading treatment in your studio, you can achieve fantastic color results with incredible luminosity. Advantages of Browcom® Microblading color: Dermatologically tested and well tolerated Manufactured in Germany to the highest quality standards Airtight and sterile sealed Consistency: medium viscosity Suitable for PMU & microblading Economical to use thanks to optimum dosage High yield Good color intensity in the skin Easy absorption and application Good durability Inorganic Properties: Available in 3 ml and 10 mlOther colors in the rangeMade in Germany Our paints are manufactured in accordance with EUReSAP 2008.1, which applies in the EU.This ensures that only- pigments approved in accordance with this regulation are used- the contamination with heavy metals is below the limits specified there- bacterial purity is ensured by a sufficient amount of alcohol in the solution- colors used that are subject to special recognition under REACH are labeled. Ingredients: Propylene Glycol, Glycerin, Isopropylalcohol, Sodium Benzoate, (+/- Sorbitol), CI77489, CI77891, CI77491, CI77492, CI77499, CI15850, CI12085, CI77288, CI77007, CI77742, CI75470, CI16255, CI16035, CI 12490 Eyelash glue / pigments are sensitive goods and cannot be returned/exchanged.

Content: 3 Milliliter (€6.66* / 1 Milliliter)

€19.99* €19.99* (0.01% saved)
Microblading Pigment | Dark Brown
Give your microblading treatments a new dimension with the Browcom® Microblading Pigment in the color Dark Brown. This pigment has been specially developed to give you the best results. With its flowable consistency, it can be easily absorbed and worked into the skin, allowing you to achieve gorgeous color results with impressive luminosity.Advantages of Browcom® Microblading color:Dermatologically tested and well toleratedManufactured in Germany to the highest quality standardsAirtight and sterile sealed for maximum safetyMedium-viscosity consistency for optimal dosingSuitable for PMU & microbladingEconomical to use thanks to high coverageGood color intensity in the skin for long-lasting resultsSimple absorption and easy applicationInorganic and therefore particularly durableOur microblading pigments are manufactured in accordance with EUReSAP 2008.1 guidelinesProperties:Available in 3 ml and 10 mlFurther colors in our extensive rangeScope of delivery:1 x Microblading PigmentExperience the highest quality for professional applications with Browcom® Microblading Pigments. Discover the variety of colors and give your treatments an impressive vibrancy!

Content: 3 Milliliter (€6.66* / 1 Milliliter)

Vitamin E Cream | 5ml
Discover the soothing and protective effect of our vitamin E cream, which was specially developed as aftercare after various beauty treatments such as Glowcom BB Foundation, Plascom Plasma Lifting or Microblading.Properties:Made in Germany: Trust in quality from German production facilities.Practical format: The cream is available in a handy 5ml tube, ideal for on the go or when traveling.Anti-inflammatory effect : Enriched with vitamin E, this cream helps to reduce redness and soothe the skin.Protective formula: The vitamin E cream simultaneously provides protection against external influences and supports skin regeneration.Skin-friendly ingredients: The formula contains carefully selected ingredients such as Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil and Glycerin to ensure optimal care.Scope of delivery:1 x Vitamin E Cream - 5mlApplication: Plascom Plasma Lifting: Apply the vitamin E cream once a day after the plasma application, after gently cleansing your face. Glowcom BB Foundation: Use the cream immediately after the BB Foundation treatment and then once a day after gently cleansing your face.Give your skin the care it needs and treat yourself to the beneficial effects of our vitamin E cream after your beauty treatments.

Content: 5 Milliliter (€0.90* / 1 Milliliter)

Marking set | pen and ruler | waterproof
The marking set with pen and ruler is an indispensable tool for professional preparatory work for microblading and permanent make-up. The set has been specially developed to make your work easier and achieve optimum results.Features:Marking set with pen and rulerWaterproof for precise preliminary workSterile packaging for optimum hygieneReady for immediate useScope of delivery:1 x marking setMake your work easier and rely on the professional marking set with pen and ruler - perfect for microblading and permanent make-up. Ready for immediate use and sterile-packed for the highest hygiene standards.

Instagram Story Sticker | Lashes & Brows
Description:Want to enhance the look of your Instagram Stories and posts and give your beauty business more professionalism?Our Instagram Story Stickers are the perfect solution! With a variety of over 100 stickers on the subject of eyelash extensions and lash & brow lifting, you can complement your content in a simple and appealing way.The adjustable stickers serve as direct eye-catchers and captions to attract the attention of your followers. Advantages:Once purchased, these stickers are available to you permanently, so you can use them again and again to enhance your content and strengthen your brand.Make your Instagram presence more professional and attractive with our high-quality story stickers for your beauty business!

Pen Holder | silicone | pink
Features:Our Silicone Pen Holder is the ideal solution for storing microneedling pens and permanent make-up pens. Made from high quality silicone, this holder provides a safe and practical storage solution for your pens.Advantages:With its flexible design, the holder adapts perfectly to the shape of your pens and holds them securely in place. Whether you want to keep them handy during use or store them safely, this pen holder is the perfect choice.Order our silicone pen holder now and keep your microneedling pens and permanent make-up pens safe and organized!"

Mascara brush | with protective cap | key ring
CFB Cosmetics presents the new mascara brush with protective cap The protective cap protects the mascara brush from dust and dirt. There is a key ring on the protective cap to attach the mascara brush to a key or bag - practical for when you are on the go. Next to the key ring is a cute imitation suede tassel with a golden cap as an accessory. Ideal as a gift or to sell on to your customers. Available in: black white Scope of delivery: black mascara brush protective cap Lid with lashes motif key ring tassel ➡️ Watch this:<blockquote class="instagram-media" data-instgrm-captioned data-instgrm-permalink="https://www.instagram.com/reel/CYTtHqHBkRS/?utm_source=ig_embed&amp;utm_campaign=loading" data-instgrm-version="14" style=" background:#FFF; border:0; border-radius:3px; box-shadow:0 0 1px 0 rgba(0,0,0,0.5),0 1px 10px 0 rgba(0,0,0,0.15); margin: 1px; max-width:540px; min-width:326px; padding:0; width:99.375%; width:-webkit-calc(100% - 2px); width:calc(100% - 2px);"><div style="padding:16px;"> <a href="https://www.instagram.com/reel/CYTtHqHBkRS/?utm_source=ig_embed&amp;utm_campaign=loading" style=" background:#FFFFFF; line-height:0; padding:0 0; text-align:center; text-decoration:none; width:100%;" target="_blank"> <div style=" display: flex; flex-direction: row; align-items: center;"> <div style="background-color: #F4F4F4; border-radius: 50%; flex-grow: 0; height: 40px; margin-right: 14px; width: 40px;"></div> <div style="display: flex; flex-direction: column; flex-grow: 1; justify-content: center;"> <div style=" background-color: #F4F4F4; border-radius: 4px; flex-grow: 0; height: 14px; margin-bottom: 6px; width: 100px;"></div> <div style=" background-color: #F4F4F4; border-radius: 4px; flex-grow: 0; height: 14px; width: 60px;"></div></div></div></div><div style="padding: 19% 0;"></div> <div style="display:block; height:50px; margin:0 auto 12px; width:50px;"><svg width="50px" height="50px" viewBox="0 0 60 60" version="1.1" xmlns="https://www.w3.org/2000/svg" xmlns:xlink="https://www.w3.org/1999/xlink"><g stroke="none" stroke-width="1" fill="none" fill-rule="evenodd"><g transform="translate(-511.000000, -20.000000)" fill="#000000"><g><path d="M556.869,30.41 C554.814,30.41 553.148,32.076 553.148,34.131 C553.148,36.186 554.814,37.852 556.869,37.852 C558.924,37.852 560.59,36.186 560.59,34.131 C560.59,32.076 558.924,30.41 556.869,30.41 M541,60.657 C535.114,60.657 530.342,55.887 530.342,50 C530.342,44.114 535.114,39.342 541,39.342 C546.887,39.342 551.658,44.114 551.658,50 C551.658,55.887 546.887,60.657 541,60.657 M541,33.886 C532.1,33.886 524.886,41.1 524.886,50 C524.886,58.899 532.1,66.113 541,66.113 C549.9,66.113 557.115,58.899 557.115,50 C557.115,41.1 549.9,33.886 541,33.886 M565.378,62.101 C565.244,65.022 564.756,66.606 564.346,67.663 C563.803,69.06 563.154,70.057 562.106,71.106 C561.058,72.155 560.06,72.803 558.662,73.347 C557.607,73.757 556.021,74.244 553.102,74.378 C549.944,74.521 548.997,74.552 541,74.552 C533.003,74,552 532,056,74,521 528,898,74,378 C525,979,74,244 524,393,73,757 523,338,73,347 C521,94,72,803 520,942,72.155 519,894,71,106 C518,846,70,057 518,197,69,06 517,654,67,663 C517,244,66,606 516,755,65,022 516,623,62,101 C516.479,58.943 516.448,57.996 516.448,50 C516.448,42.003 516.479,41.056 516.623,37.899 C516.755,34.978 517.244,33.391 517.654,32.338 C518.197,30.938 518.846,29.942 519.894,28.894 C520.942,27.846 521.94,27.196 523.338,26.654 C524.393,26.244 525,979,25,756 528,898,25,623 C532,057,25,479 533,004,25,448 541,25,448 C548,997,25,448 549,943,25,479 553,102,25.623 C556.021,25.756 557.607,26.244 558.662,26.654 C560.06,27.196 561.058,27.846 562.106,28.894 C563.154,29.942 563.803,30.938 564.346,32.338 C564.756,33.391 565.244,34.978 565.378,37.899 C565.522,41.056 565.552,42.003 565.552,50 C565.552,57.996 565.522,58.943 565.378,62.101 M570.82,37.631 C570.674,34.438 570.167,32.258 569.425,30.349 C568.659,28.377 567.633,26.702 565.965,25.035 C564.297,23.368 562.623,22.342 560.652,21.575 C558.743,20.834 556.562,20.326 553.369.20.18 C550.169.20.033 549.148.20 541.20 C532.853.20 531.831.20.033 528.631.20.18 C525.438.20.326 523.257.20.834 521.349,21.575 C519.376,22.342 517.703,23.368 516.035,25.035 C514.368,26.702 513.342,28.377 512.574,30.349 C511.834,32.258 511.326,34.438 511.181,37.631 C511.035,40.831 511,41.851 511,50 C511,58.147 511.035,59.17 511.181,62.369 C511.326,65.562 511.834,67.743 512.574,69.651 C513.342,71.625 514.368,73.296 516.035,74.965 C517.703,76.634 519.376,77.658 521.349,78.425 C523.257,79.167 525,438,79,673 528,631,79,82 C531,831,79,965 532,853,80,001 541,80,001 C549,148,80,001 550,169,79,965 553,369,79,82 C556,562,79,673 558,743,79,167 560,652,78,425 C562,623,77,658 564.297,76.634 565.965,74.965 C567.633,73.296 568.659,71.625 569.425,69.651 C570.167,67.743 570.674,65.562 570.82,62.369 C570.966,59.17 571,58.147 571,50 C571,41.851 570.966,40.831 570.82,37.631"></path></g></g></g></svg></div><div style="padding-top: 8px;"> <div style=" color:#3897f0; 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Eraser | Color eraser
The BROWCOM® Eraser, also known as a color eraser, is the perfect solution if you have made a mistake when coloring.Features:Gentle yet thoroughIdeal for precise workEasy to use Application:Apply the color eraser with a cotton pad to prevent the color from penetrating deeply.Scope of delivery:1 x Eraser - 200 mlUse the BROWCOM® Eraser to ensure precise work and correct mistakes gently and thoroughly.

Content: 200 Milliliter (€0.06* / 1 Milliliter)

Disposable ring | grooves | 10 pieces
Optimize your eyelash extensions with the adhesive ring with grooves. It is the ideal adhesive base for precise applications.The grooved structure of the adhesive ring enables even distribution of the eyelash glue and optimization of your lash fans, making application more precise and controlled.Scope of delivery:10 x adhesive ring for eyelash glueIncrease the efficiency of your eyelash extensions and enjoy the easy handling that this adhesive ring offers.

Content: 10 Stück (€0.69* / 1 Stück)

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