2in1 appointment planner | cash book

CFB monthly cash book & appointment planner Motif 2023 in one.
Product information "2in1 appointment planner | cash book"

Cash book and appointment planner in one.

This appointment planner is structured in such a way that the daily income and expenses are recorded directly alongside the appointments.
This makes cash bookkeeping easier and saves valuable working time.

30 pages: Appointments / Income & Expenses

15 pages: For filing the monthly incoming and outgoing receipts

48 pages in total

Format DIN A4 21x29.7cm

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Eyelash Extensions: Der Leitfaden zum Profi-Wimpernstylisten

Entdecke den ultimativen Leitfaden für Eyelash Extensions & Wimpernverlängerung. Erhalte Tipps, Techniken & Produkte für perfekte Ergebnisse! Werde zum Profi-Wimpernstylisten.

Valuable tips for beauty makers: support from family and friends

Learn how to get your family and friends to appreciate your services and support you. Communication, explaining your value and alternative forms of appreciation are key. Read more in our blog article!

The truth about the cost of eyelash extensions: What's really behind it?

Discover the truth about the cost of eyelash extensions and the value of the professional work of eyelash stylists. Find out more!

What do I need to consider before my eyelash appointment?

What should your customers know before their eyelash extension appointment? Summarized here for you.

How do I become self-employed?

Ready to start your own business after your beauty training? Find out from us how to successfully master the first steps! 💄💼

For commercial use only. Keep out of the reach of children!

Vouchers | blank | 25 pieces with envelope
With the gift card, your customers can give your studio what they really want, because the recipient can choose whatever their heart desires for the value. DIN long (21 x 9.8 cm) 300 g matt photo print Envelope mother-of-pearl Color vanilla

Ballpoint pen | Glitter | CFB Design
Discover the exclusivity of Crystal ballpoint pens with the CFB Cosmetics® logo - the perfect addition to your studio!The high-quality Crystal ballpoint pens from CFB Cosmetics® are not only stylish writing instruments, but also an elegant way to present your studio's logo. The exclusive Crystal ballpoint pens are now also available for your studio to add a personal touch to your workplace.Scope of delivery:1 x ballpoint penShow your customers that you not only stand for excellent beauty treatments, but also for stylish design. Order the Crystal ballpoint pens with the CFB logo today and make a glamorous statement in your studio!

Appointment cards | stylish designs | 50 pieces
Our practical appointment cards are perfect for keeping track of your customers' next appointments so that no appointments are forgotten and your customers always arrive punctually and on time. Length: 9.4 cm Width: 6.5 cm

Loyalty Cards | Bonus Cards | 50 pieces
Our loyalty cards give you the opportunity to retain customers and increase your sales. Loyalty cards are the first step towards a long-term customer relationship. This ensures that you are the first choice for the next treatment. Landscape format 8.5 x 5.5 cm, narrow side fold 300 g matt photo print

Flyer | Care instructions | Lash & Brow Lifting | 50 pieces
Use our exclusive flyers for Lash & Brow Lifting to draw attention to your beauty treatment. The flyers are perfect for displaying in your studio and informing your customers about the features of Lash & Brow Lifting.The DIN A6 format of the flyers offers sufficient space for concise information and is handy at the same time. The high-quality color printing and exclusive design give the flyers an appealing look that underlines the professionalism of your studio.The back of the flyers is particularly practical, offering space for your address stamp or sticker. This allows you to use the flyers not only as a source of information, but also as a marketing tool.Scope of delivery:50 x care instructions for Lash & Brow LiftingDiscover the flyers for Lash & Brow Lifting now and rely on high-quality marketing for your salon!

Content: 50 Stück (€0.05* / 1 Stück)

UV eyelash glue | transparent
Discover the LUV UV eyelash glue - professional application of UV eyelash extensions!Features:Special features: Oil & water resistantFilling: 4 gSpeed: 1 - 3 secondsHumidity: irrelevantRoom temperature: irrelevantVapors: hardly presentViscosity: liquidShelf life of the extensions: 6 to 8 weeksColor: transparentShelf life unopened: 12 monthsShelf life after opening: 12 months (without contact with light/daylight/UV light)Suitable for: Single lashes & volume techniquesCuring: only with a UV lampComplete removal of the UV adhesive: Gel Remover / Cream RemoverRecommended glue pads: Disposable glue pad block or glue cupScope of delivery:1 x UV adhesive 4 g2 x glue nozzle with lid1 x mini UV lightProduct feature:Our UV eyelash glue impresses with a special formulation based on the synergy of two essential components: Cyanoacrylate and a photoinitiator.This unique combination not only enables easy application and exceptional durability of the eyelash extensions, but also ensures reliable and safe curing of the adhesive.Storage instructions:To ensure the long-term quality of your eyelash glue, it is important to close it carefully after each use. Store the glue in a cool, dry place, away from direct light. Storage in the refrigerator is not recommended to ensure the optimum consistency of the adhesive.For optimum storage, we recommend positioning the tube with the tip facing upwards.Invest in professional quality for perfect UV eyelash extensions. Order the LUV UV eyelash glue now!

Content: 4 Gramm (€9.98* / 1 Gramm)

Lash Lifting Adhesive | EXTRA STRONG | viscous
Discover Lash Lifting Glue, your secret weapon for perfectly fixed natural lashes on silicone pads!Our glue comes in a generous 5 ml bottle and offers reliable fixation for a flawless lash lifting result. With its thick consistency, it is particularly suitable for beginners as it offers strong adhesive power and prevents accidental smudging.The difference between our thick "Extra Strong" and the thin "Regular" Lash Lifting Glue lies in their application. While the thick glue is suitable for both beginners and advanced users and may require a longer application time, the thin glue is ideal for experienced stylists and less stubborn lashes.Scope of delivery:1 x Lash Lifting Glue - 5mlOur tip: The Lash Lifting Glue is not only suitable for eyelashes, but also for facial decorations such as glitter stones and glitter. Perfect for lash art and easy to remove with water!Invest in our Lash Lifting Glue and discover the many application options for perfectly styled lashes and creative facial decorations!

Content: 5 Milliliter (€2.70* / 1 Milliliter)

Eyelash glue | GENIUS | black | 0.2 - 0.3 sec
Give your eyelashes the perfect hold with our high-quality eyelash glue - lightning-fast drying for professional eyelash extensions!Our eyelash glue is formulated to meet the highest demands. The lightning-fast drying time of 0.2-0.3 seconds enables efficient and precise application.Features:Filling: 5 gSpeed: 0.2 - 0.3 secondsHumidity: 35 - 66 %Room temperature: 18 - 22 °CVapors: hardly noticeableViscosity: liquidDurability of the extensions: 6 to 8 weeksColor: blackShelf life unopened: 6 monthsShelf life after opening: 3 months Suitable for: Single lashes & volume techniquesVegan and cruelty-freeScope of delivery:1 x Genius eyelash glue 5 g1 x bag of silica gel1 x needleInvest in the perfect combination of quality and performance. Discover our eyelash glue for professional eyelash extensions!

Content: 5 Gramm (€6.58* / 1 Gramm)

Eyelash Shampoo | Lash & Brow Foam | Luxury | 30ml
Discover our high-quality Luxury eyelash shampoo - gentle, odorless and absolutely kind to the skin.Thorough cleaning to remove dust, grease and make-up residue is crucial for prolonging the life of the extensions.Luxury eyelash shampoo is perfect for selling to your customers in beauty salons.Increase your sales and offer your customers optimum care for their eyelash extensions!Recommended retail price (RRP):30 ml: €16.9960 ml: €19.99Available variants:1 ml, 5 ml, 30 ml and 60 mlScope of delivery:1 x eyelash shampoo 30 mlOur Luxury Eyelash Shampoo can be kept for 12 months after opening.The ideal preparation for eyelashes before eyelash extensions - order our Luxury eyelash shampoo now!

Content: 30 Milliliter (€0.22* / 1 Milliliter)

Flyer | Care instructions | Eyelash extensions | 50 pieces
Present your customers with professional care instructions for their eyelash extensions with our care instructions for eyelash extensions. These high-quality flyers in a practical 50-pack are the ideal advertising medium to inform your customers about the correct care of their eyelash extensions.With clear instructions and an appealing design, these flyers not only offer useful tips, but also give your studio a professional touch.Each flyer is carefully designed and includes space for customization to support your salon's branding.Included:50 x care instructions for eyelash extensionsDiscover the "Eyelash extension care instructions" flyers now and give your customers the right information for long-lasting and well-groomed eyelash extensions.

Content: 50 Stück (€0.05* / 1 Stück)

Book "Eyelash Extensions" - The guide to becoming a professional eyelash stylist
Book "Eyelash Extensions - The guide to becoming a professional eyelash stylist" An absolutely comprehensive reference book by Yasemin Dursun! Eyelash extensions are a great way to emphasize the eyes of customers individually and to conjure up a wonderful eye look. With high-quality equipment and well-trained eyelash stylists, this dream can come true. Unfortunately, there are no legal regulations that define the content and scope of eyelash extension training. Accordingly, aspiring eyelash stylists receive training courses that impart little to no specialist knowledge, as well as absolutely professional training courses where all the important content, knowledge and expertise is passed on. Because only with optimal training, the right specialist knowledge and a professional way of working can unique results be achieved that make customers happy. The author Yasemin Dursun, CFB Cosmetics Master Trainer, knows the problems of the industry very well and knows what really matters thanks to her many years of experience. Good training courses and the specialist knowledge and high-quality products they impart are of immense importance for the industry to grow healthily.The contents of the book are in no way a substitute for professional training courses. Contents: 1. history of artificial eyelashes2. The eye3. the natural eyelash4. eyelash growth serums5. eye diseases6 Allergic reactions & irritations7. eyelash hygiene8. hygiene9. eyelash glue10. production of eyelash extensions11. types of eyelash extensions12. selection & application techniques13. eyelash design14. consultation15. application procedure16. home care17. refill18. complete removal19. brow extensions20. underlashes21 XD Volume22. tips & tricks23. FAQInformation: 163 pages ISBN 978-3-00-063824-4 2nd revised edition Return & exchange excluded.

Wax beads | 4 types | 250 gr | Made in Türkiye
Discover our high-quality wax granules in a practical resealable bag. These granules are ideal for precise portioning and offer you effective hair removal.We offer 4 different types to choose from:Powder - Rose (medium)Natural - Yellow (strong)Azulen - Green (strong)Black (extra strong)Application:Heat the wax until it melts and allow it to cool until it reaches the consistency of honey. Test the heat on a small area before starting the application. Apply the wax with a spatula in the direction of hair growth and pull it off after 3-4 seconds in the opposite direction of growth.Properties:Can be kept for 12 months after openingMade in TurkeyScope of delivery:1 x wax beads - 250 gGive your customer smooth and long-lasting hair removal with our high-quality wax granules. Enjoy the quality and effectiveness of our products!

Content: 250 Gramm (€0.04* / 1 Gramm)

60 Instagram post templates for eyelash stylists - eyelash studio - beige
Description:Make your social media management easier with our bundle of 60 Instagram post templates for beauty businesses. These templates will help you save time and make your feed look professional while boosting your Instagram engagement. Upon purchase, you'll get instant access to a PDF file with links to the templates, and with one click, you'll be redirected to Canva where you can edit the templates.Advantages:Even if you don't have Canva, you can sign up and edit the templates for free. Canva's mobile app allows you to edit on the go and download directly to your phone. Once you're done editing, you can post the templates directly to your Instagram account and reuse them as many times as you like.

Silicone cushion pad | reusable
Discover the revolution for hygiene in your beauty salon with our silicone cushion pad - the indispensable solution for beauty beds and cushions. Features:This reusable cushion pad combines first-class innovation with practical functionality and sets a new standard for your beauty studio.Versatile and comfortable: With a generous size of 30 x 40 cm, our silicone cushion pad offers sufficient space as a cushion pad. The soft and flexible 1 mm thick silicone material fits perfectly and ensures maximum comfort during use.Hygienic and reusable: The cushion pad is easy to clean and can simply be washed by hand with soap and water, disinfected and air-dried. Thanks to its reusable nature, it is not only environmentally friendly but also saves costs.Robust and temperature-resistant: The silicone material is non-slip and impresses with its resistance to cold and heat from -20 °C to 220 °C. This makes it not only robust, but also suitable for various beauty applications.Environmentally friendly and BPA-free: Our cushion pad is BPA-free to ensure the health and safety of your customers and offer a sustainable choice for your studio.Available variants:Choose between black, white and grey - to match your individual interior and aesthetics.Scope of delivery:1 x silicone cushion padIncrease the comfort of your customers and optimize hygiene in your beauty studio with our high-quality silicone cushion pad.

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