PMU | Pigment Ring | 10 pieces

With the disposable pigment rings from CFB Cosmetics, you are optimally equipped to use your pigments safely and conveniently.
Product information "PMU | Pigment Ring | 10 pieces"
Discover the practical disposable pigment rings from CFB Cosmetics for a hygienic and efficient application of your pigments!

Each ring is sterile-packed and individually portioned to ensure maximum safety.
With this set of 10 individually wrapped rings, you will always have enough in stock for your applications.

Disposable pigment rings for hygienic application
Each ring is sterile-packed and individually portioned
Set of 10 individually packaged rings for a sufficient supply
Ideal for storing and applying pigments during cosmetic treatments

Scope of delivery:
10 x PMU Pigment Ring

Order now and benefit from the highest quality and hygienic application!

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For commercial use only. Keep out of the reach of children!

Microblading Pigment | Dark Brown
Give your microblading treatments a new dimension with the Browcom® Microblading Pigment in the color Dark Brown. This pigment has been specially developed to give you the best results. With its flowable consistency, it can be easily absorbed and worked into the skin, allowing you to achieve gorgeous color results with impressive luminosity.Advantages of Browcom® Microblading color:Dermatologically tested and well toleratedManufactured in Germany to the highest quality standardsAirtight and sterile sealed for maximum safetyMedium-viscosity consistency for optimal dosingSuitable for PMU & microbladingEconomical to use thanks to high coverageGood color intensity in the skin for long-lasting resultsSimple absorption and easy applicationInorganic and therefore particularly durableOur microblading pigments are manufactured in accordance with EUReSAP 2008.1 guidelinesProperties:Available in 3 ml and 10 mlFurther colors in our extensive rangeScope of delivery:1 x Microblading PigmentExperience the highest quality for professional applications with Browcom® Microblading Pigments. Discover the variety of colors and give your treatments an impressive vibrancy!

Content: 0.01 Liter (€3,999.00* / 1 Liter)

Variants from €19.99*
PMU | Lip Pigment | Flamingo
Give your PMU lip treatments a new dimension with the Contourcom® PMU Lip Pigment in the color Flamingo. This pigment has been specially developed to achieve the best results. The PMU color has a flowable consistency that can be perfectly absorbed and worked into the skin. This allows you to achieve fantastic color results with incredible luminosity in your beauty salon.Advantages:Manufactured in Germany to the highest quality standardsAirtight and sterile sealedMedium viscosity consistencySuitable for permanent make-upEconomical to useOptimum color intensityInorganicOur colors are manufactured in accordance with EUReSAP 2008.1, which applies in the EUProperties:Content: 10 mlOther colors in the rangeColorants used +/-: CI 77891, CI 77491, CI 12490, CI 15850:1, CI 77268:1, CI 19140:1Discover the highest quality and precision for professional PMU applications with Countourcom® permanent make-up pigments. Achieve perfect results and inspire your customers with a flawless result!

Content: 10 Milliliter (€4.00* / 1 Milliliter)

UV eyelash glue | transparent
Discover the LUV UV eyelash glue - professional application of UV eyelash extensions!Features:Special features: Oil & water resistantFilling: 4 gSpeed: 1 - 3 secondsHumidity: irrelevantRoom temperature: irrelevantVapors: hardly presentViscosity: liquidShelf life of the extensions: 6 to 8 weeksColor: transparentShelf life unopened: 12 monthsShelf life after opening: 12 months (without contact with light/daylight/UV light)Suitable for: Single lashes & volume techniquesCuring: only with a UV lampComplete removal of the UV adhesive: Gel Remover / Cream RemoverRecommended glue pads: Disposable glue pad block or glue cupScope of delivery:1 x UV adhesive 4 g2 x glue nozzle with lid1 x mini UV lightProduct feature:Our UV eyelash glue impresses with a special formulation based on the synergy of two essential components: Cyanoacrylate and a photoinitiator.This unique combination not only enables easy application and exceptional durability of the eyelash extensions, but also ensures reliable and safe curing of the adhesive.Storage instructions:To ensure the long-term quality of your eyelash glue, it is important to close it carefully after each use. Store the glue in a cool, dry place, away from direct light. Storage in the refrigerator is not recommended to ensure the optimum consistency of the adhesive.For optimum storage, we recommend positioning the tube with the tip facing upwards.Invest in professional quality for perfect UV eyelash extensions. Order the LUV UV eyelash glue now!

Content: 4 Gramm (€9.98* / 1 Gramm)

Disposable ring | separation | 10 pieces
Optimize your eyelash extension workflow with our high-quality adhesive ring with double hollow.Tip:Our adhesive ring with double hollow is the ideal adhesive base, which is particularly useful if you want to have both the Fan Fix Elixir and the eyelash adhesive to hand at the same time.Scope of delivery:10 x adhesive ring for eyelash glueInvest in the future of your eyelash extension practice and order the adhesive ring set with separation today. Make your work process easier and take your eyelash extension treatment to a new level.

Content: 10 Stück (€0.45* / 1 Stück)

Disposable ring | grooves | 10 pieces
Optimize your eyelash extensions with the adhesive ring with grooves. It is the ideal adhesive base for precise applications.The grooved structure of the adhesive ring enables even distribution of the eyelash glue and optimization of your lash fans, making application more precise and controlled.Scope of delivery:10 x adhesive ring for eyelash glueIncrease the efficiency of your eyelash extensions and enjoy the easy handling that this adhesive ring offers.

Content: 10 Stück (€0.69* / 1 Stück)

Adhesive ring | incl. 10 disposable attachments
Increase your efficiency in eyelash extensions with our adhesive ring for eyelash glue.The simple hollow keeps the eyelash glue securely in place, allowing you to focus on precise and effortless applications.Scope of delivery:1 x adhesive ring incl. 10 attachmentsOptimize your productivity and achieve outstanding results with eyelash extensions. Invest in quality and convenience for smooth working in your beauty practice.

Content: 10 Stück (€0.45* / 1 Stück)

Vitamin E Cream | 5ml
Discover the soothing and protective effect of our vitamin E cream, which was specially developed as aftercare after various beauty treatments such as Glowcom BB Foundation, Plascom Plasma Lifting or Microblading.Properties:Made in Germany: Trust in quality from German production facilities.Practical format: The cream is available in a handy 5ml tube, ideal for on the go or when traveling.Anti-inflammatory effect : Enriched with vitamin E, this cream helps to reduce redness and soothe the skin.Protective formula: The vitamin E cream simultaneously provides protection against external influences and supports skin regeneration.Skin-friendly ingredients: The formula contains carefully selected ingredients such as Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil and Glycerin to ensure optimal care.Scope of delivery:1 x Vitamin E Cream - 5mlApplication: Plascom Plasma Lifting: Apply the vitamin E cream once a day after the plasma application, after gently cleansing your face. Glowcom BB Foundation: Use the cream immediately after the BB Foundation treatment and then once a day after gently cleansing your face.Give your skin the care it needs and treat yourself to the beneficial effects of our vitamin E cream after your beauty treatments.

Content: 5 Milliliter (€0.90* / 1 Milliliter)

Hyaluron | Hyaluronic Serum
Discover the versatility of our Hyaluronic Serum, which is suitable both as a pre-treatment for the Glowcom BB Foundation and for microneedling.Application:BB Foundation pre-treatment: Use the Hyaluronic Serum as an optimal pre-treatment to prepare your skin for the application of the Glowcom BB Foundation. The moisturizing effect ensures a smooth complexion and improved durability of the foundation. Microneedling: The serum is also ideal for the microneedling procedure as it moisturizes the skin and supports skin regeneration to achieve optimal results.Scope of delivery:1 x Hyaluron - 10mlExperience the transformative effect of our Hyaluronic Serum and give your skin the boost of freshness it deserves.

Content: 10 Milliliter (€0.99* / 1 Milliliter)

Lash & Brow Lifting | Lotion 3
Discover the secret of beautiful eyelashes and eyebrows with CFB Cosmetics Lash & Brow Lifting Lotion 3! Give your eyelashes and eyebrows that little bit extra with the innovative Lash & Brow Lifting Lotion 3 from CFB Cosmetics. This highly effective formula not only nourishes, but also intensively moisturizes your eyelashes and eyebrows for a radiant and healthy look.Properties: Lifting Lotion 3 for eyelashes and eyebrowsIntensive moisturizing care for a healthy lookShelf life of approx. 3 months after openingPlease store in a cool, dry place and out of the reach of childrenScope of delivery:1 x lotion 3 - 4mlPamper your eyelashes and eyebrows with the luxurious Lash & Brow Lifting Lotion 3 from CFB Cosmetics and enjoy radiant results that will put a smile on your face all day long!

Content: 4 Milliliter (€4.80* / 1 Milliliter)

PMU needles | 1 x 1 pin | round
Discover the Glowcom Pen needles - your indispensable tool for precise and professional permanent make-up. Features:This high-quality 1 x 1 pin permanent make-up needle in a round shape offers you the opportunity to create the finest contours and details to give your clients perfect results.With just one pin, this needle enables fine and precise lines to achieve natural and aesthetic results.Each needle is individually sterile packed to ensure maximum hygiene and safety.This needle is sold individually so you can order exactly the quantity you need.Discover the perfect solution for your professional permanent make-up work.

Microneedling | needles | 36 needles | blue
Discover the high-quality Glowcom pen needles to best meet your needs. Features:Each needle is carefully sterile packed to ensure maximum hygiene and safety.Our needles are specially designed to fit perfectly with our needling pen, offering you an effective solution for various skin treatments. Available variants:1 x 36 needles10 x 36 needlesScope of delivery:1 x 36 needlesRely on the quality and performance of our Glowcom Pen needles to achieve optimal results for your skincare needs.

From €2.34*
Needling & PMU Beauty Pen | incl. 2x Nano needles
Discover the Microneedling & PMU Pen - your reliable tool for professional treatments.Features:The pen is equipped with an innovative function: as soon as you switch it on and set the desired level, it flashes in the selected level cycle. The higher the level, the faster it flashes, so that you always have control over your settings.Please observe the hygiene regulations of your federal state and use a cable protection cover for the pen to ensure optimum hygiene.Scope of delivery:1 x Microneedling & PMU Pen1 x adapter1 x instruction manual2 x nano needles, sterile packedThe pen offers different speed levels:Level: 4000 revolutions/minLevel: 5000 revolutions/minLevel: 6000 revolutions/minLevel: 7000 revolutions/minStage: 8000 rpmEAR registration number: WEEE DE 16233303 The Microneedling & PMU Pen is a high-quality device for professional treatments and optimum results.

Eye pads | reusable | extra thin | 1 pair
Premium eye pads for perfect eyelash extensions - reusable and extra thin! Experience the comfort of eyelash extensions with our premium eye pads. Carefully designed to provide maximum comfort and premium protection, these eye pads are an essential accessory for any professional lash stylist. Benefits: Reusable: Sustainability meets top performance! Our eye pads are designed so that they can be reused without sacrificing quality. This not only saves resources, but also offers a cost-efficient solution. Extra thin: Enjoy a feather-light feeling during application. The extra thin pads are designed to conform perfectly to the skin without compromising the lash extension experience. UV protection (with black pads) for UV eyelash extensions: The black eye pads offer additional UV protection. Perfect for customers who value comprehensive eye protection during treatment. Variants: Choose between elegant black or timeless white - to suit your clients' individual preferences. Package contents:1 pair of eye pads per packaging unit. Give your eyelash extensions a professional touch and ensure the well-being of your customers at the same time. Our eye pads set standards in terms of quality, comfort and versatility. Order now and take your eyelash studio experience to the next level!

Content: 10 Paar (€0.69* / 1 Paar)

PMU | Pigment Cupholder | steel
Features:Our Steel Pigment Cupholder is the perfect accessory for permanent makeup professionals who value organization and efficiency. Made of sturdy steel, this cup holder provides a stable and reliable way to hold your pigments during the work process.Advantages:With multiple compartments, you can store different pigment colors separately, allowing you to access the colors you need quickly and effortlessly. The compact size of the cup holder makes it ideal for use at any workstation.Improve your workflow and increase your efficiency with our steel PMU Pigment Cupholder.

Luxury Satin | Mixtray | 1.5mm stripes
Would you like to retain the radiant shine while creating a natural look with the long-lasting durability of mink lashes?Our innovative Luxury Satin Lashes combine the shine of silk lashes with the matte finish of mink lashes in a unique variety!Simply remove the lashes from the strip with tweezers for effortless application. Thanks to the optimal curl, you can create expressive results that perfectly emphasize the individuality of your customers. Features: Silk matt for a natural finish Deep black color right to the tips Length, thickness and curl are printed on each strip A lash compass on the back of the lash trays Effortless removal of the lashes from the strip 16 rowsUnbeatable price Available variants:Thicknesses: 0.03 / 0.05 / 0.07 / 0.10 Curvatures:B / C / D / DDLengths: 1 × 6 mm / 1 × 7 mm / 1 × 8 mm / 1 × 9 mm / 3 × 10 mm / 3 × 11 mm / 3 × 12 mm / 2 × 13 mm / 1 × 14 mmStrip width: 1.5 mmDelight your customers with this exclusive eyelash range that combines top quality, ease of use and unbeatable value for money.

Brush | diagonal | white
With the precise and handy brush from CFB Cosmetics, you can effortlessly apply various products for lash lifting, microblading or permanent makeup. Advantages:The angled bristles allow you to work accurately and precisely, while the finely crafted tip picks up just the right amount of product. With a length of around 16 cm, this brush is the perfect tool for professional applications in your studio.Features:Precise brush with angled bristles Ideal for lash lifting, microblading and permanent makeup Finely crafted tip for optimal product removalEasy handling for professional resultsScope of delivery:1 x brush - angled whiteMake your beauty routine easier and rely on quality with the brush from CFB Cosmetics!

Microneedling | needles | 36 needles | blue
Discover the high-quality Glowcom pen needles to best meet your needs. Features:Each needle is carefully sterile packed to ensure maximum hygiene and safety.Our needles are specially designed to fit perfectly with our needling pen, offering you an effective solution for various skin treatments. Available variants:1 x 36 needles10 x 36 needlesScope of delivery:1 x 36 needlesRely on the quality and performance of our Glowcom Pen needles to achieve optimal results for your skincare needs.

From €2.34*
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