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UV lamp | PRO Maxx | 6 Watt | UV eyelash extension
Experience the pinnacle of efficiency in your UV lash extension practice with the AYDA® Light LUV System® PRO Maxx - the unrivaled device that is considered one of the fastest UV lamps for curing UV lash adhesives with its impressive 6-watt output.Benefits:Superior 6-watt output: Compared to traditional UV lamps, the AYDA® Light LUV System® PRO Maxx offers an outstanding 6 watts of power, which allows for exceptionally fast curing of UV eyelash glue and reduces treatment time. Maximum efficiency: The increased power guarantees faster and more efficient treatments, which not only saves time but also increases customer satisfaction.Flexible use: With a 70 cm long, flexible lamp arm, you can easily adjust the irradiation angle to precisely reach every lash area.Adjustable light intensity: An integrated controller allows you to individually adjust the light intensity to achieve optimal results. Modern and practical design: The slim, white design of the lamp fits perfectly into any studio ambience and the mobile stand with castors offers maximum functionality. Features:Color: Stylish white.Light source: 1 efficient LED with a wavelength of 395-400 nmLED service life: Approx. 30,000 hours for long-lasting reliability. Low-noise foot pedal: For easy and discreet operation during treatment.Scope of delivery:1 x LUV System® PRO Maxx1 x power adapter1 x foot switch1 x controller for light intensity and rangeEAR registration number: WEEE reg. no. DE 16233303 Rely on this powerful UV lamp to shorten treatment times and provide your customers with the fastest results.

UV lamp set | CHANGE | UV eyelash extension
Discover the innovative UV lamp, the essential tool for professionals in the eyelash extension industry who work with UV light-curing eyelash adhesives. This lamp combines outstanding functionality with elegant design and ensures precise curing of your eyelash glue.Features:Elegant design and optimal functionalityColor: A timeless white that exudes elegance and integrates seamlessly into any studio.Dimensions: With a height of 110 cm and a flexible lamp arm of 70 cm, this lamp offers flexible and precise alignment.Stability : The 20 cm diameter chassis ensures a firm and stable stand.Power: Efficient 5 W, which enables powerful and even curing.Illumination: High-quality LED with a wavelength of 395 nm, specially designed for light-curing eyelash adhesives.Ease of use: A practical foot pedal enables simple and hygienic operation without hand contact.Durability: Impressive service life of the LED light of approx. 30,000 hours for long-term use.Modularity: Interchangeable light module and additional replacement module in the set for quick lamp adjustment.Guarantee: 1-year guarantee underlines quality and reliability (excluding accessories and wearing parts).Scope of delivery:1 x LUV System® | CHANGE | 5 Watt1 x power adapter1 x foot switch1 x replacement light module1 x UV eyelash glue - 5gr1 x UV safety gogglesEAR registration number: WEEE reg. no. DE 16233303Please note: This lamp is intended exclusively for professional use with UV light-curing eyelash adhesives and is intended for commercial use.Rely on our UV lamp for precise, efficient and reliable curing of your eyelash extensions - a must for every eyelash extension professional.

UV lamp set | LUV CLIP | UV eyelash extension
Enrich your professional equipment with our exclusive CHANGE Clip Light Set for UV eyelash extensions - a tailor-made solution for professionals who place the highest value on precision, safety and efficiency.Our innovative LUV System® in the form of a space-saving clip light that does not require a stand!Your LUV CLIP Light set contains:1 x LUV UV eyelash glue (4g): Our premium eyelash glue ensures long-lasting and reliable adhesion of your eyelash extensions. Specially developed for use with UV curing technology, it sets new standards in the world of eyelash extensions.1 x LUV Clip Light: The heart of the set, this space-saving UV lamp with advanced LED technology for efficient and even curing of the eyelash glue.1 x UV protective goggles: High-quality eye protection against UV radiation that can also be worn over conventional visual aids for maximum safety.10 x UV Protect eye pads: For optimum protection of your customers' eyes during application.Technical details of the LUV Clip Ayda® Light:Color: Elegant whiteFlexible lamp arm: 70 cm for optimum positioningMounting: This unique lamp is supplied with a clip and a clamp variant to give you maximum flexibility in your workPower: 5 WNumber of lights: 1 LED for concentrated light outputWavelength: 395 nm, ideal for curing UV eyelash adhesivesOperation: Practical foot pedal for hands-free operationService life of the LED lights: Up to 30,000 hours for long-lasting useLight module: Replaceable for maximum longevityReplacement light module: Already included for your convenienceWarranty and service: Your CHANGE set comes with a 1-year warranty to ensure reliable use (excluding accessories and consumables). Registration number EAR: WEEE Reg. No. DE 16233303Dive into the future of UV eyelash extensions with this innovative set, designed for perfectionists and experts.

UV lamp set | CHANGE DUO set | UV eyelash extensions
Expand your professional equipment with our special double pack of the CHANGE set for UV eyelash extensions, tailor-made for professionals who value precision, safety and efficiency.This comprehensive offer includes two sets of high quality components specially formulated for the application of UV light-curing eyelash adhesives to guarantee optimal results for you and your team or for two workstations.The CHANGE double pack contains:2 x LUV eyelash glue (4g): Our premium lash adhesives provide a durable and reliable bond for your lash extensions and are specially formulated for use with UV curing technologies.2 x LUV CHANGE Ayda® Light: Two of our innovative UV lamps form the heart of the set. With advanced LED technology, they enable efficient and even curing of the eyelash glue.2 x UV protective goggles: To fully protect your eyes from UV radiation, each set includes two high-quality protective goggles that can also be worn over regular vision aids.Technical details of the LUV CHANGE Ayda® Light:Color: An elegant white that will impress in any professional environment.Height: 110 cm with a flexible lamp arm of 70 cm to allow perfect alignment.Chassis diameter: 20 cm, ensures a secure and stable stand.Power: 5 W, guarantees a strong and constant light output.Number of LEDs: Each lamp is equipped with a powerful LED.Wavelength: 395 nm, optimally tuned for curing UV eyelash adhesives.Operation: A practical foot pedal in each set enables hygienic and hands-free use.Service life of the LED lights: Each LED offers up to 30,000 hours of operation.Light module: Replaceable, with a spare light module in each set for added convenience.Warranty and service:Each CHANGE twin pack comes with a 1-year warranty, ensuring reliable use of the sets (excluding accessories and wearing parts).Registration number EAR: WEEE reg. no. DE 16233303Choose the CHANGE double pack for UV eyelash extensions to take your professional service to a new level with double the equipment and consistently offer your customers the best results.

Content: 2 Set (€295.00* / 1 Set)


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Customer questionnaire | eyelash extensions incl. index card | 25 pieces
Optimize your service quality with our customer questionnaire for treatments that you offer in your studio. This indispensable tool enables you to get to know your customers better and document all relevant information efficiently.Features:Our A4 sheet is double-sided and includes a client index to ensure clear documentation. With its practical format, it offers enough space to record all important points and maintain a comprehensive overview.This not only makes organization easier, but also strengthens your customers' confidence in your professionalism and advisory skills. A well thought-out customer questionnaire is the first step towards a successful and reputable service. Use this opportunity to identify allergies and illnesses and thus improve the quality of your services. Scope of delivery:25 x customer questionnaireOrder now and rely on professional advice and information for the well-being of your customers!

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Flyer | Care instructions | Eyelash extensions | 50 pieces
Present your customers with professional care instructions for their eyelash extensions with our care instructions for eyelash extensions. These high-quality flyers in a practical 50-pack are the ideal advertising medium to inform your customers about the correct care of their eyelash extensions.With clear instructions and an appealing design, these flyers not only offer useful tips, but also give your studio a professional touch.Each flyer is carefully designed and includes space for customization to support your salon's branding.Included:50 x care instructions for eyelash extensionsDiscover the "Eyelash extension care instructions" flyers now and give your customers the right information for long-lasting and well-groomed eyelash extensions.

Content: 50 Stück (€0.05* / 1 Stück)

Flyer | Care instructions | UV eyelash extensions | 50 pieces
Discover the elegant and informative flyers for the care of UV eyelash extensions with the LUV System® - the perfect tool to offer your customers valuable tips on eyelash care and to preserve the beauty of their extensions.Features:Exquisite quality: each flyer is produced with high-quality color printing that draws attention and vividly presents the content.Unique design: The exclusive design of our flyers reflects the high quality of your services and underlines your commitment to aesthetics and professionalism. Customizable space: The back of each flyer provides ample space for your individual address stamp or a sticker with your logo and contact details, making the flyers an effective marketing tool for your studio.Practical format: With compact dimensions of 10.5 cm x 15.0 cm, the flyers are easy to display, distribute and take away by your customers.Comprehensive set: This offer includes 50 flyers, so you can ensure that you have enough copies for your customers.Scope of delivery:50 x flyers - 10.5 cm x 15 cmUse these high-quality flyers to offer your customers an unforgettable experience and establish your studio as a professional and trustworthy address for eyelash extensions.

Content: 50 Stück (€0.05* / 1 Stück)

Roll up banner | UV eyelash extensions
Discover the discreet roll up banners from CFB Cosmetics, the perfect way to present your services in your studio or shop window.Features:Elegant design: our roll up banners have a discreet design that presents your services in style without being too intrusive.Large format display: Measuring 85 cm x 200 cm, our banners offer enough space to communicate your message clearly and attract the attention of potential customers. Feet included: Each banner comes with sturdy feet that allow for easy and stable placement in your studio or shop window.Fast delivery time: Your roll up banners will be delivered within approx. 10 - 14 days, so you can start presenting your services quickly.Note: The image is similar and is for illustrative purposes only.Scope of delivery:1 x roll up banner - 85 cm x 200 cmUse the discreet roll up banners from CFB Cosmetics to present your services stylishly and effectively and to attract potential customers.Please note that all roll up banners are made to order and therefore cannot be exchanged or returned.

UV eyelash glue | transparent
Discover the LUV UV eyelash glue - professional application of UV eyelash extensions!Features:Special features: Oil & water resistantFilling: 4 gSpeed: 1 - 3 secondsHumidity: irrelevantRoom temperature: irrelevantVapors: hardly presentViscosity: liquidShelf life of the extensions: 6 to 8 weeksColor: transparentShelf life unopened: 12 monthsShelf life after opening: 12 months (without contact with light/daylight/UV light)Suitable for: Single lashes & volume techniquesCuring: only with a UV lampComplete removal of the UV adhesive: Gel Remover / Cream RemoverRecommended glue pads: Disposable glue pad block or glue cupScope of delivery:1 x UV adhesive 4 g2 x glue nozzle with lid1 x mini UV lightProduct feature:Our UV eyelash glue impresses with a special formulation based on the synergy of two essential components: Cyanoacrylate and a photoinitiator.This unique combination not only enables easy application and exceptional durability of the eyelash extensions, but also ensures reliable and safe curing of the adhesive.Storage instructions:To ensure the long-term quality of your eyelash glue, it is important to close it carefully after each use. Store the glue in a cool, dry place, away from direct light. Storage in the refrigerator is not recommended to ensure the optimum consistency of the adhesive.For optimum storage, we recommend positioning the tube with the tip facing upwards.Invest in professional quality for perfect UV eyelash extensions. Order the LUV UV eyelash glue now!

Content: 4 Gramm (€9.98* / 1 Gramm)

Poster UV eyelash extensions | DIN A1
Present the fascinating world of UV eyelash extensions to your customers with the "UV Eyelash Extensions" poster from CFB Cosmetics. Features:This elegant poster in DIN A1 format is the perfect way to present your treatment in a visually appealing way and add a touch of luxury to your studio.The poster impresses with its high-quality layout and exclusive design, which signals professionalism and expertise. With high-quality color printing, every detail is razor-sharp and lets your treatment shine in a glamorous light.The DIN A1 format offers the ideal size to be placed in a shop window or on a free wall to attract the attention of potential customers. Show that you know your trade and focus on first-class training and high-quality products.Scope of delivery:1 x poster - 59.6 cm × 84.2 cmMake your salon an eye-catcher and impress your customers with the "UV Eyelash Extensions" poster from CFB Cosmetics.

Poster UV eyelash extensions | DIN A1 | purple
Discover the stylish "UV Eyelash Extensions" poster from CFB Cosmetics®, which will enhance your studio or shop window and perfectly showcase your UV eyelash extensions. With its impressive features and high-quality design, this poster is sure to attract the attention of your customers. Features:Optimum size for maximum visibility: Measuring DIN A1, the poster is large enough to immediately catch the eye and get your message across effectively.High-quality color printing: Enjoy vibrant colors and crisp details thanks to our high-quality printing that perfectly showcases the beauty of your design.Exclusive design : The professional and appealing design of the poster reflects the quality of your services and gives your studio an elegant flair.Versatile language options: Available in German and English, the poster is perfect for appealing to both local and international clients.Scope of delivery:1x poster - 59.6 cm × 84.2 cmRely on the "UV Eyelash Extensions" poster from CFB Cosmetics® to stylishly design your business area and arouse your customers' interest in your UV eyelash extensions.

Poster BB Foundation Needling | DIN A1
Skilfully showcase your BB Foundation / Nanoneedling application with our exclusive BB Foundation poster. This beautiful DIN A1 poster with high-quality color printing and exclusive design is sure to attract the attention of your customers.The poster not only serves as an eye-catcher, but also provides information about the outstanding properties of your BB Foundation / Nanoneedling application.With its appealing design, the poster represents professionalism and know-how in your studio.Scope of delivery:1 x poster (dimensions 59.6 x 84.2 cm)Discover the BB Foundation poster now and add a touch of elegance and exclusivity to your studio. Take a look at the matching customer flyers to inform your customers even more comprehensively.

Loyalty Cards | Bonus Cards | 50 pieces
Our loyalty cards give you the opportunity to retain customers and increase your sales. Loyalty cards are the first step towards a long-term customer relationship. This ensures that you are the first choice for the next treatment. Landscape format 8.5 x 5.5 cm, narrow side fold 300 g matt photo print

Appointment cards | stylish designs | 50 pieces
Our practical appointment cards are perfect for keeping track of your customers' next appointments so that no appointments are forgotten and your customers always arrive punctually and on time. Length: 9.4 cm Width: 6.5 cm

Poster Lash Style & Volume Guide | DIN A1
Bring style and information into your studio with our "Lash Style & Lash Volume" Guide poster from CFB Cosmetics®. This high-quality DIN A1 poster is not only informative, but also a real eye-catcher.Perfectly placed in the shop window or on a free wall, it attracts the attention of your customers and gives your studio an appealing atmosphere.Scope of delivery:1 x Lash Guide posterThe exclusive design and generous A1 poster size make it an indispensable accessory for any salon that values style and information.

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