Mirror | white with logo

In timeless white and gold, the mirror is not only functional, but also an elegant accessory in your studio.
Product information "Mirror | white with logo"
Enjoy the special moment after every treatment - the first look in the mirror! The best thing for stylists is to see their clients admire the results and their eyes light up with joy.
Our hand mirror with handle adds a stylish touch to this magical moment.
In timeless white and gold, the mirror is not only functional, but also an elegant accessory in your studio.

Hand mirror with handle Material: plastic and glass
Total length: 15.7 cm
Width: 9 cm
Dimensions of the mirror: 8 cm x 8 cm

Scope of delivery:
1 x mirror

Experience how this elegant hand mirror not only emphasizes the perfect finish of your work, but also puts a smile on the faces of your customers. An essential tool for any stylist who is not only professional but also style-conscious.

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For commercial use only. Keep out of the reach of children!

Hand mirror | Luxury | white gold
Discover our hand mirror - your indispensable helper for precise eyelash extensions.This practical mirror not only provides an optimal view of the lashes during application, but also allows you to check every detail of your work immediately.The unique color combination of white and gold not only gives this hand mirror a luxurious look, but also makes it a stylish accessory for your studio or beauty set.Scope of delivery:1 x hand mirror for eyelash extensionsOptimize your eyelash extensions with this high-quality hand mirror from CFB Cosmetics and ensure precise and professional results. Rely on quality and luxury for unique beauty applications.

Pocket mirror | rose / silver
Discover the elegance and functionality of our pocket mirror.This pretty accessory is not only a practical companion for on the go, but also a perfect gift for your valued customers.Features:Compact and handy: thanks to its handy size, the pocket mirror fits effortlessly into any handbag, so your customers can take a look at their eyelashes at any time.Double-sided mirror: The mirror is equipped with two sides so that the majority of the face as well as details can be optimally viewed.High-quality finish: The sturdy hinge and small clasp not only ensure safe storage, but also protect the mirror surfaces from damage so that your customers can enjoy this accessory for a long time.Stylish color selection: Choose between the timeless colors rose or silver.Ideal giveaway: Surprise your customers with this pretty pocket mirror as a small gift that is not only practical but also stylish.Scope of delivery:1 x pocket mirrorFulfill the wishes of your customers and rely on the pocket mirror from CFB Cosmetics® - an accessory that elegantly combines beauty and functionality. Order now and offer your customers a high-quality giveaway that is not only useful but also stylish.

Spring scissors
Our high-quality cosmetic feather scissors are not only perfect for eyelash extensions, but also ideal for precise eyebrow applications and for trimming eye pads.The convenient size and sharp cutting surfaces allow for versatile applications so you can optimize your beauty routine with a single tool.Rely on quality and versatility for professional results with every application.Features:Color: gold-silverLength: approx. 12 cmScope of delivery:1 x feather scissorsSay goodbye to imprecise cuts and rely on our cosmetic feather scissors for precise and flawless results during beauty treatments. Invest in quality and make your work easier with this indispensable tool.

Eyebrow comb | eyelash comb | white
Refine your eyelash and eyebrow service with our eyebrow brush with lash comb - the essential precision tool for stylists. This versatile tool effortlessly separates, shapes and enhances lashes and brows to guarantee your clients a perfect result. The fine tine comb and high-quality bristle brush enable precise applications for longer, thicker lashes and perfectly shaped eyebrows. Features:In white, approx. 13 cm long, high-quality workmanship and easy to clean - the ideal addition for professional eyelash and eyebrow treatments. Scope of delivery:1 x eyebrow comb / eyelash combTreat your customers to an impressive eye look and perfectly shaped eyebrows!

Lash Lifting Adhesive | EXTRA STRONG | viscous
Discover Lash Lifting Glue, your secret weapon for perfectly fixed natural lashes on silicone pads!Our glue comes in a generous 5 ml bottle and offers reliable fixation for a flawless lash lifting result. With its thick consistency, it is particularly suitable for beginners as it offers strong adhesive power and prevents accidental smudging.The difference between our thick "Extra Strong" and the thin "Regular" Lash Lifting Glue lies in their application. While the thick glue is suitable for both beginners and advanced users and may require a longer application time, the thin glue is ideal for experienced stylists and less stubborn lashes.Scope of delivery:1 x Lash Lifting Glue - 5mlOur tip: The Lash Lifting Glue is not only suitable for eyelashes, but also for facial decorations such as glitter stones and glitter. Perfect for lash art and easy to remove with water!Invest in our Lash Lifting Glue and discover the many application options for perfectly styled lashes and creative facial decorations!

Content: 5 Milliliter (€2.70* / 1 Milliliter)

Eyelash Shampoo | Lash & Brow Foam | Luxury | 30ml
Discover our high-quality Luxury eyelash shampoo - gentle, odorless and absolutely kind to the skin.Thorough cleaning to remove dust, grease and make-up residue is crucial for prolonging the life of the extensions.Luxury eyelash shampoo is perfect for selling to your customers in beauty salons.Increase your sales and offer your customers optimum care for their eyelash extensions!Recommended retail price (RRP):30 ml: €16.9960 ml: €19.99Available variants:1 ml, 5 ml, 30 ml and 60 mlScope of delivery:1 x eyelash shampoo 30 mlOur Luxury Eyelash Shampoo can be kept for 12 months after opening.The ideal preparation for eyelashes before eyelash extensions - order our Luxury eyelash shampoo now!

Content: 30 Milliliter (€0.19* / 1 Milliliter)

From €5.84*
Tweezer cleaner | Glue off
It removes glue residue from the tips of the tweezers quickly, gently and completely so that you can create perfect fans precisely and effortlessly. Thanks to clean tweezer tips, fans that fall apart are a thing of the past.Features:Content: 10 mlThe colors of the contents may varyApplication:Simply dip the uncoated tweezer tip into the cleaner and see your tweezers return to top form.Scope of delivery:1 x tweezer cleanerWith our tweezer cleaner, annoying adhesive residue is a thing of the past and you are ready for precise and professional eyelash extensions. Order now and experience the ease of perfectly cleaned tweezer tips!

Content: 10 Milliliter (€0.59* / 1 Milliliter)

Lash & Brow Lifting Express | Lift & Fix lotions in sachets | 5-pack
With shorter application times, you can achieve beautifully shaped eyelashes and eyebrows in no time at all.Advantages:Shorter application time for lotion 1 Lotion 2 can be mixed with the color, which saves timeEach 1ml sachet lasts for up to 4 applicationsCheaper than our Regular seriesScope of delivery: 5 x Lotion 1 - 1ml5 x Lotion 2 - 2mlHow to use:Our Lash & Brow Lifting Express Lotion 1 (Lift) opens the keratin layer and makes it easy to shape the eyelashes and eyebrows. The subsequent application of our Lotion 2 (Fix) ensures a long-lasting fixation of the result. And best of all: the application time of Lotion 1 is significantly reduced, while the application time of Lotion 2 remains unchanged. Please note: The customer should avoid contact with water/steam for 24 hours after application. For home care, we recommend our Lamination Conditioner for even longer-lasting results. Discover the new Lash Brow Lifting Express Set now and experience perfectly shaped eyelashes and eyebrows in no time!

Content: 5 Paar (€4.98* / 1 Paar)

Eyelash glue | GENIUS | black | 0.2 - 0.3 sec
Give your eyelashes the perfect hold with our high-quality eyelash glue - lightning-fast drying for professional eyelash extensions!Our eyelash glue is formulated to meet the highest demands. The lightning-fast drying time of 0.2-0.3 seconds enables efficient and precise application.Features:Filling: 5 gSpeed: 0.2 - 0.3 secondsHumidity: 35 - 66 %Room temperature: 18 - 22 °CVapors: hardly noticeableViscosity: liquidDurability of the extensions: 6 to 8 weeksColor: blackShelf life unopened: 6 monthsShelf life after opening: 3 months Suitable for: Single lashes & volume techniquesVegan and cruelty-freeScope of delivery:1 x Genius eyelash glue 5 g1 x bag of silica gel1 x needleInvest in the perfect combination of quality and performance. Discover our eyelash glue for professional eyelash extensions!

Content: 5 Gramm (€6.58* / 1 Gramm)

Mascara brush | with protective cap | key ring
This clever addition not only offers protection from dust and dirt, but also a practical way to keep your mascara brush safe while on the go.Features:The protective cap protects your mascara brush from dirt and ensures that it is always ready for use. The integrated key ring allows you to conveniently attach the brush to your key ring or bag so you always have it to hand. Perfect for the active lifestyle of a modern woman!The highlight of this mascara brush is the cute faux suede tassel with a gold cap as a chic accessory. This charming embellishment adds a touch of elegance to your mascara brush and makes it a stylish companion in your handbag.The mascara brush with protective cap is not only practical for your own use, but also makes an ideal gift for your customers. Whether in elegant black or timeless white, this product is sure to create a buzz.Available variants:whiteblackScope of delivery:1 x mascara brush with protective cap, key ring and tasselExperience the innovation of CFB Cosmetics and treat yourself to the mascara brush with protective cap today!

Kidney dish | stainless steel | small
The kidney dish made of high-quality stainless steel is not only a versatile instrument for cosmetic treatments, but also meets the highest standards in terms of sterility. Its robust and durable design makes it the ideal choice for demanding cosmetic applications.Features:The stainless steel kidney dish was specially developed for cosmetic treatments and meets the highest sterility requirements.Measuring 18.7 cm x 11.8 cm, it offers sufficient space for various cosmetic applications. The high-quality stainless steel not only ensures easy cleaning, but also high resistance to corrosion and wear.Areas of application:Perfect for sterile cosmetic treatmentsIdeal for storing and enriching cosmetic productsVersatile use in beauty salons and beauty clinicsScope of delivery:1 x kidney dishThe stainless steel kidney bowl is an indispensable tool for beauticians who demand the highest standards of hygiene and quality. Invest in a reliable instrument that offers you the necessary sterility for cosmetic treatments.

Lash Lifting Sticks | Lifter & Spatula 2in1 | 5 pieces
Discover the practical lifting sticks with spatula, which make lifting eyelashes or eyebrows child's play. Features:The spatula end not only allows for easy lifting of lashes or brows, but also effortless removal of lotions or brow henna for precise application.These versatile sticks are reusable, giving you a sustainable solution to your beauty routine. Scope of delivery:5 x Lash Lifting SticksMake lifting your eyelashes or eyebrows easier with our high-quality lifting sticks and achieve professional results from the comfort of your own home!

Content: 5 Stück (€0.60* / 1 Stück)

Silicone pads | standard | various sizes
Optimize your lash lifting treatments with the Liftcom silicone pads from CFB Cosmetics. These silicone pads allow for precise alignment, separation and fixation of the natural lashes while preventing the hairs from crossing. The result? Fantastic lifting results and an incomparable eye look.Available variants:S, M, M1, M2 or LScope of delivery:5 pairs of silicone padsDiscover the secret weapon for perfect eyelash lifts and inspire your customers with irresistible results!

Content: 5 Paar (€2.00* / 1 Paar)

Customer questionnaire | Microneedling | Nanoneedling | 25 pieces
Optimize your service quality with our customer questionnaire for treatments that you offer in your studio. This indispensable tool enables you to get to know your customers better and document all relevant information efficiently.Features:Our A4 sheet is double-sided to ensure clear documentation.With its practical format, it offers enough space to record all important points and maintain a comprehensive overview.This not only makes organization easier, but also strengthens your customers' confidence in your professionalism and advisory skills.A well thought-out customer questionnaire is the first step towards a successful and reputable service.Use this opportunity to identify allergies and illnesses and thus improve the quality of your services.Scope of delivery:25 x customer questionnaireOrder now and rely on professional advice and information for the well-being of your customers!

Content: 25 Stück (€0.14* / 1 Stück)

Poster Lash & Brow Lifting | DIN A1
Make a statement in your eyelash salon with our exclusive Lash & Brow Lifting poster. The high-quality color print design in DIN A1 format gives your studio a professional atmosphere and attracts the attention of your customers.The exclusive design of the poster harmonizes perfectly with the accompanying "Lash & Brow Lifting" flyers/care instructions to create a harmonious overall look.Display the poster in your salon and inform your customers about the benefits of Lash & Brow Lifting in an appealing way.Scope of delivery:1 x Lash & Brow Lifting posterUse this opportunity to underline your professionalism and inspire your customers with the fascinating results of Lash & Brow Lifting. Discover the Lash & Brow Lifting poster now and add a touch of exclusivity to your eyelash salon!

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